Anybody seen the new Bond flick?

I may not get to see it for awhile. Without spoiling any plot elements, is it good, bad, or neither, and what stands out?

Just saw it today. I thought it was good. It’s primarily a mix of the plots of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, You Only Live Twice, and Dr No. (The books more than the movies.) Some obvious nods to those movies. Had a decent Sean Connery era feel at times.

Bring a hankie.

I thought it was Daniel Craig’s best since Casino Royale….

The Connery movies :movie_camera: were my favorite, so maybe I liked this one because it did have a bit of that vibe….

Hoping that the next Bond is a good one…. Personally I’d like to see Tom Hardy.

We are going this week. Can’t wait!

Felt like Craig’s Bond was too dark. Preferred the humor of Connery & Moore

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The next James Bond should unquestionably be Jason Isaacs.

That guy is too old…. Need a younger more physical Bond.

I’d recommend watching Spectre again before watching this one. I hadn’t seen it since the theater in 2016 and it ties in to the plot.

I’d watch an entire movie with Ana De Armas’ character in it. She was a blast.

You should check out “ Knock Knock” if you like Ana De Armas’……you can thank me later

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