Anyone else think we can actually win this thing?

Deriq King is a monster, our defense is bound to improve, sure OU May have better talent overall… but our guys are hungry and we have a coach who is very familiar with this opponent.

I think it’s gonna be a tough contest, but I have no doubt in my mind we can pull off this win and let the hype begin.

Also, I really do believe King will account for something like 350+ Yards Passing 100+ yards rushing and about 5-6 touchdowns this game.


For the umpteenth time… Yes! No Applewhite or No D…I believe.


I’m not going up there to see us lose.


Yes we can win. Are they bigger, faster or stronger than we are or have better coaches than we do? I don’t think so. It’s going to be a game of who can execute their game plan better and make less mistakes.

Just because OU have some 4 stars and a couple of 5 stars, they do not scare me. A 3 star from Houston equals their 4 star from elsewhere and with the right coaching we have a very good chance of winning.


They heavily recruit Houston and Texas in general.


Mental toughness and good coaching made the difference the last time we played. It can be the difference this time.


Have a safe trip!

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Well we ain’t gonna surprise them this time. I am sure they are treating us like a Big 12 opponent. Dana and staff know them well but haven’t beaten them.
The good news is their defense wasn’t good last year and they are debuting a retooled defense like we are…
They are starting a new oline and that may help us.
Otherwise it’s two really talented QBs with multiple weapons …this should be great to watch…all that said winning in Norman is tough.
I think we cover the spread…we need a lead in the first half and some things to bounce our way in the second to win this game…IMO


Of course I think we can win this game. That’s why we play the game!


Got to stop the run, put pressure on Hurts, have a few lucky breaks, we might win, but because it is in Norman I’m afraid that will be the edge that will probably help OU win, but I’m praying hard for a big upset!


While I don’t think UH will win, I’m hoping for a competitive game. Sunday evening game, TV ratings will be good.


Going into the state of Oklahoma and beating a top 5 team at their stadium??? There is NO WAY that is going to happen. It will NEVER HAPPEN.

But it actually has happened on September 12, 2009.

We have way better athletes than we did in 2009. We have a better coach than in 2009.


We have good talent. We have a lot of injured players coming back from last year. We have talented transfers that sat and are ready. I think they know what to expect from our Offense (although, I think out Oline is bigger and hopefully better than last year. They know nothing about our Defense except that it sucked last year.
If our D is 50% better than last year, we have a great chance to win.


YEP … ole dd ALSO believes he could have beaten Mohammed Ali in his prime …

Climb Mt Everest in his shorts without O2 help …

Swam the English channel with one arm tied to his back …

The dufus believes ANYTHING once he gets started on his POLYWEED …

God help the poly train leaving the station safely … FORTUNATELY in his condition … he will have problems FINDING the station!!! … :upside_down_face:


I think we can win, I just don’t think we will. We’re going to need a ton to break our way. Besides playing great, we’re going to need to turnover OU and turn those into points just about every time. The 50/50 balls we have to win just about all of them. A great special teams play or two would be helpful. It’s a narrow path but it can be done.

OU I think just has to play well. A much wider path to victory.


I agree. I think they’ll be fine offensively. The defense is what concerns me. It should be better than last year but how much? We’ll find out soon.


Look, we have our work cut out for us (as we do in most games). OU is a force when playing at home. Given the hype behind Hurts, as well as the new DC Grinch, they’ll be out for payback from the game in '16.

Can we compete with them? Yes. Will we win? I’m not betting on it. I’m just excited for the opportunity our guys have to play OU at home to see what they can do. Will be exciting and nerve racking, for sure.


just fyi,

was in Lake Tahoe over the weekend(for the Steve Miller band concert; highly recommend) and the sports books had OU as a 24 point favorite.

Hard to believe it will be that one sided, but the bookies don’t seem to be giving UH a chance.


C’mon Davy, that was a punch in the eye:

Can’t we all just get alone and ride the Polly train to Victory?

I say YES!!! All Aboard!!!


I always think we CAN win …