Anyone fly United regularly?

I was trying to figure out their cancellation policy on fares and couldn’t find a clear answer. Just trying to figure out, if I buy a Basic economy ticket, and cancel it before my actual flight, do I get charged a fee? And do I get a credit towards another future ticket?

I believe you get a credit as long as itbis before your flight departs. They have waived reticketing fees, but not sure when that ends.

basic economy has its own rules:

Basic Economy tickets can’t be changed, and refunds aren’t allowed except as stated in the United 24-hour flexible booking policy. After 24 hours, Basic Economy tickets may be eligible for a travel credit when canceled, less a Basic Economy cancellation charge starting at $99 for a roundtrip itinerary.


Good point about basic economy, different rules.

Basic economy doesn’t qualify for a refund. You have to have a full priced fair in order to be able to change your flight or cancel. It does have its own rules. If you have a united card i think you get exempt. IDR i haven’t changed a flight in a while.

Basic economy is terrible for changing anything. One time I was coming back from a business trip and was at the airport like 5 hours before my flight. I always try to jump on an earlier one and tried to do that (flying American). Since I was on a basic economy ticket, they would not budge. The crazy thing? The flight I was trying to switch to was a 10 hour delayed flight that was over 90% empty. I talked to 3 people and even offered to pay a fee, but they said they couldn’t because of the rules. Those idiots flew a plane from Mexico City to DFW with like 15 people on it. Might have been more strict because it was international, not sure.


@Duce630 avoid basic economy unless you know for sure you’re going and that you don’t mind checking your bag. Every flight to NYC I was on for 3 years, most BE patrons had to check their bags at the gate. If you can, splurge for regular economy seats to get that flight change option (it’s a future flight credit).


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