Anyone want 2 tickets to Alcorn State -- Free

I won’t be able to make the game Sunday, if anyone wants my 2 tickets PM me and I think I can get them transferred, although I will have to read the directions – after I find them.


In order to transfer tickets the following is required by UH:
First Name
Last Name
Confirm Email
Daytime phone (Optional)

Itcoog sent me an email saying he wants tickets, but only included first name and last name’s initial. I have emailed him, PM’d him and called for him to reply on here. I am going to assume he no longer wants tickets if I don’t hear back from him by 9:00pm and they will again be up for grabs.

Bruce Gurd
60 + year fan of uh b ball
And long time season ticket holder who did not make the cut
Would be love to see them play once this year if they are still available

itcoog sent me his info just in time. I sent him the tickets. Sorry Bruce, but he was there first.