Anyone watching Six Nations - Scotland v Ireland ? (Peacock Premium) (has spoilers)

Still time but UK getting whipped v France and losing their composure.

Italy has lost 25 straight but looking much better.
HUGE one tomorrow. Headed to the Tiki bar early.

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I have to watch the paint dry on my house today

10-53 = you picked a good day for chores.
This is a national disgrace in the UK.

UK barely lost at Scotland in Week 1.
Scotland crowd booed that fugly Prince Of Wales. It was hilarious.

Millions of work hours were lost as the UK Rugby crowd took to their beds that monday.

This is much, much worse and UK is back in France for the Worlds in September vs All Blacks, Springboks, Wallbies, etc who hate them,

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Love watching Six Nations every year. Haven’t seen last week’s games yet, so can’t really add to the discussion.

Jonah Lomu, anyone ?

if you haven’t already you should check out MLR

Scottish fullback (always #15) is a menace.
This is going to be a classic scrap.

A few Scottish mistakes and its over.
Since Porter moved to Loose Head Prop (always #1) for Ireland they have been savage.
Porter can fly for 6’ near 300 lbs

Next saturday final week will be fun (times are est)

I have followed the six nations before I could even speak. I played rugby and yes coach American Football is basically a mix of Rugby and soccer…Football.
Obviously huge France fan but until South Africa loses they are still World Champions.
France went to the World Cup finals three times. Will this be the year?

Ireland deserves this year’s title. They were the most consistent. congrats to them.