AOC not a good look

Not a good look. However, AIPAC is a political action committee (PAC) that lobbies about Israeli-American relations, not Judaism.

From their website:

Our Mission

The mission of AIPAC is to encourage and persuade the U.S. government to enact specific policies that create a strong, enduring and mutually beneficial relationship with our ally Israel.

I hear what you are trying to say, but you can’t really separate Israelis from Jews. Although there are people of all religions living in Israel, it is a Jewish nation. It isn’t exactly a nation of Southern Baptists.

So when people speak out against Israel, they are also speaking out against Jews which is why this organization spoke out against AOC. She is also probably on their radar due to prior anti-Semitic comments.


He’s saying it’s ok to hate Israel…just not Jews… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

So, this is a false trap to prevent any negative speaking, at all, against AIPAC. It’s not a valid argument.

Let’s look at what she said:

“Shamefully, AIPAC is working for Republican control of Congress and further destabilization of US democracy”

Where’s the bigotry? Answer: There isn’t any. They do themselves a disservice pushing this malarkey.


Most are Jews, not all. AIPAC is a political action committee. Just like AAPAC, the Arab American Political Action Committee. They lobby for laws and policies favorable to their governments. They aren’t synagogues or mosques. Lobbyists. They are lobbyists.

The State of Israel had a population of approximately 9,593,000 inhabitants as of September 2022. Some 74% were Jews of all backgrounds (about 7,021,000 individuals), 21% were Arab of any religion other than Jewish (about 2,206,000 individuals), while the remaining 5% (about 498,000 individual

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Israel is not a theocracy

The point to dispute is that being critical of AIPAC, a lobbying group, is somehow anti-Semitic. I know that’s a stretch for the Fox News crowd.


I’m not saying you’re wrong. I just wanted to add a little perspective.

Here is a little more. Anti-Semitism is on the rise all over the world. Anti-Semitism has really spiked here in the US. You compound that with Kanye and Kyrie Irving, all Jewish groups (PAC’s, Stand With organizations, etc) are very sensitive right now.


That’s what I said without breaking down the statistics. There are people of all religions living in Israel. However, it is a Jewish State.

100%. Anti-Semitism is a poison that should never exist in the modern world, but it does. That is why every time it pops up, we should smack it down.

So, does AIPAC get a free pass? Fox News aimed at AOC because she’s a frequent and easy target for their audience. They know better but don’t care.


Does AIPAC get a free pass for what? They didn’t say anything anti-Semitic. However, AOC in contrast has in the past. I’m not saying she did this time, but there is a history.

AIPAC is a foreign lobby group. They lobby for Israel. Sometimes, those interests don’t match up with those of the US. AIPAC should be immune to criticism? They have every right to lobby, but they aren’t always on the right side of every issue. That’s what AOC was getting at, and she’s being chased for it.

AIPAC’s stated purpose is to lobby the Congress of the United States on issues and legislation related to Israel. AIPAC regularly meets with members of Congress and holds events where it can share its views.

I’m not a fan of AOC’s policies, but she shouldn’t be slammed for speaking up.

Nobody is immune from criticism…except my wife.

As far as what AOC says, she may be right about them working for Republican control of Congress. The Republicans have historically been more pro Israel than the Democrats. That’s just smart lobbying. I don’t agree that it will further destabilize US democracy.


We are on the same side on an issue. Let’s never do it again. :rofl:

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But not all Jews are Israelis. That’s the trap people fall into. I’m married to a Jew and by default my son is Jewish as well.

This is why drumpf’s tweet telling Jews to get with the program, after all the great stuff he did was highly anti-Semetic.

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Of course. I don’t like what Trump said at all. I never voted for him, but I never believed he was anti-Semitic. Now he’s sounding like Kanye.

I think Kanye and trump are more similar overall than most would like to admit.


What traveling said.

Of course.

On another note AOC has done much greater harm to the Democratic Party than AIPAC ever has.

You need to take AOC holistically not just this latest comment. She is a charter member of the squad plain and simple.

She is no friend of the Jewish people,

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think AOC is a friend to any people including her own community which she claims.

AOC is a friend of AOC.

I am not a friend.

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