AP #17 ranking to end the year

I’ll say around 15.



If Cinci performs well, it could maybe give us a boost.

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Oregon lost. We need Pitt to lose as well.

If Cincy can beat Alabama by more than 15 points…we would then have the same record as Alabama and played better against common opponents than they did…should be ranked ahead of Bama in that scenario, lol.


Between 15-18

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I’m hoping for #15. Sitting at #21, we’ll pass Oregon. We’ll have to see how the other bowls play out. We have a pretty healthy spread vs. #22 and below, so I’d be surprised to get passed by anyone

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Sorry, Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny aren’t AP voters. Although, they probably could do better than some of the voters. :wink:


Anywhere in the top 20 is fine with me.


It’s going to be tough to move up more than a few places. I could see us passing #18 NC State (9-3 and had bowl game canceled), #14 Oregon (now 9-4 after bowl loss), #13 BYU (10-3 after bowl loss to UAB), and maybe #11 Utah and #12 Pitt if they lose. Utah would have 4 losses, Pitt 3. We would pass #15 Iowa if they lose to Kentucky, but Kentucky might end up passing us if they win the Citrus Bowl. So most likely #17 or very close to it.

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YES…let the good times roll !!!

Me Too !
Go Coogs !

Hate to be a downer but no way we are top 25 for pre-22 football. Of course UT will be in the top 15, Aggies in the top 10.

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We will probably receive some votes though, but yeah I agree.

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We will absolutely be ranked for 2022. We won 11 straight games. Two losses one from our first game of the season, and our second loss to a CFP playoff contender.


15 is probably a good guess, but we need some remaining games to go our way. Clemson winning last night was a missed opportunity to jump them and a loss to ISU would have done it.

I was hoping we would jump OU with a loss to OR, but was the OU win enough to knock a now 4 loss OR behind us. I am thinking yes considering 4 losses is difficult to be ahead of a 2 loss team.

Wake Forest is an opportunity to jump but they are now playing swap out Rutgers so they probably won’t get jumped by us. OSU is a potential to get jumped by UH if they get blown out by ND, but a long shot. Iowa is a potential to be jumped if they get beat by #22 KY and Utah is a potential if OSU beats them badly. All ifs, ands and buts. We’ll see. I don’t see either Baylor or Miss getting jumped with how close they are ranked and where they are ranked. One would have to put a tremendous beat down on the other to jump either.

We should be at 18 now with pending games. I don’t think anyone will jump us which occurred during the season multiple times.

Why wouldn’t they be. Take the bc the Writers don’t give UH respect out of it, that gets old. Win consistently ( see CKS teams) and the respect comes. They finished too strong, n w/ all the key offensive players coming back + good portion of the Defense back, I don’t see any reason they won’t be ranked. Jmo using past situations w/ Teams coming off a big successful year.

10 AP teams ranked ahead of #21 Houston

20 - Wake Forest - vs Rutgers
19 - Clemson - beat Iowa State 20-13
18 - NC State - Opp Cancelled
17 - Iowa - vs 22 Kentucky
16 - Louisiana - Beat Marshall 36-21
15 - Oregon - Lost 14 OU 32-47
14 - Oklahoma - Beat 15 Oregon 47-32
13 - Pitt - vs 11 MSU
12 - BYU - Lost UAB
11 - Mich State - vs 13 Pitt

Should pass up #15 Oregon who got their 4th loss
#12 BYU lost to 8-4 UAB so that should drop them past UH
NC State could be passed up if voters don’t give them sympathy votes for UCLA doing them wrong

That’s 18th ranking at this point. Could get to 16th if Pitt loses tonight to Mich State and Iowa against Kentucky. Don’t think Wake will lose to 5-7 Rutgers.

We’ll be T-25 preseason next year. Hopefully we live up to it. Nothing worse than being one of those teams that starts out ranked and finishes unranked.

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It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish.

Said no one ever in Austin!


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