AP Poll ballots

Poll will be released Aug 21st:

Jon Wilner posted his online. Wilner tends to “not go with the flow” with his ballots and will change it from week to week.

No. 12: Houston. The best bet to be the Group of 5’s top team. But expectations change everything. (Previous: 10)

Isn’t this the guy that was about the last voter to put UH in the poll last year or maybe just had UH much lower than everyone else?

Same guy. Didn’t rank us until we were 9-0 in Week 11 after beating Cincy and even then ranked us at #24, jumped us to #19 after beating Memphis, dropped us completely after losing to UCONN, jumped us to #20 after beating Navy, #16 after beating Temple, and #10 after beating FSU.

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Wow. I remembered something kinda correct. That like a small break through for me today.


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