AP Poll Votes - UH receives 19 votes

Official AP Poll is released on Monday; Coogs will have at least a couple of votes as Kirk Bohls put us at 23. Has USF at 10 and SDSU at 25.


No. 1 Florida State

No. 2 Alabama

No. 3 Penn State

No. 4 Ohio State

No. 5 USC

No. 6 Wisconsin

No. 7 Oklahoma State

No. 8 Washington

No. 9 Clemson

No. 10 South Florida

No. 11 Oklahoma

No. 12 Auburn

No. 13 LSU

No. 14 Stanford

No. 15 Georgia

No. 16 Kansas State

No. 17 Florida

No. 18 Michigan

No. 19 Miami

No. 20 Texas

No. 21 Louisville

No. 22 Washington State

No. 23 Houston

No. 24 TCU

No. 25 San Diego State

Something is brewing at Cullen, perhaps whispers on how UH camp is progressing. Yeah it’s Texas schools biased but its all dandy . It would be fantastico starting top 25 two years in a row . Go Coogs!

That makes total sense. USF gets UT’s fired coach, both schools get more votes than end of last year. UH’s coach leaves for UT, both schools get more votes than end of last year. Without playing any games. Preseaon polls are such a crock.


Texas Longhorns 2014-2016 records:

2014 - 6-7
2015 - 5-7
2016 - 5-7

Totally the #20 team in the nation.

Pat Dooley of the Gainesville (Fla.) Sun had the Cougars the highest of any ballot at No. 14. Kirk Bohls (Austin American-Statesman) and Matt Brown (Sports on Earth) had UH at No. 23 on their ballots, while ESPN’s Rece Davis listed the Cougars at No. 25.

UH is unranked in the initial poll, mentioned in the “others receiving votes” section with 19 points.

From 2007-16 on average:

__ 15.4 teams started ranked and finished ranked (61.6 percent). Average movement for those teams was 6.34 places in either direction._

__ 8.0 teams started ranked top 10 and finished ranked (80 percent)._

__ 5.4 teams started ranked top and finished ranked top 10 (54 percent)._

__ 1.9 teams started unranked and finished ranked top 10._

Over the past two decades, Florida, Florida State, Notre Dame, Penn State and Texas have fallen from their preseason ranking by season’s end with greater frequency than every other program in the nation. From the first AP poll to the last, each of the five teams has underperformed its preseason ranking in 14 of the past 20 seasons, or 70 percent of the time. LSU, Nebraska and Ohio State are right behind, having underperformed expectations 65 percent of the time.1

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