AP Poll

A lot of it comes from the fact that you can’t put Virginia at 7 and St Mary at 22 and not give us our respect. We beat both and was leading almost the whole game. UVA on the road and St Mary at neutral site. Not to mention Kent State and Oral Roberts got votes for ranked.


Me too, I’ll take it!

He has us in the same region as Kansas State as the 1 seed. I would not be mad if that was the 1 seed for us to potentially play.

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Very true. Unlike last year, the teams we played in the non-conference have put in work. Definitely makes it easier to absorb a bad loss.

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Fun fact!

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What’s funny is he mentions the week 6 poll top 12 and then says UCLA who was not in the top 12 of that week 6 poll

We were not leading Virginia all game. We quickly fell down 9-0 AAMOF. It was the only reason it was even relatively close.

Right after that we took it and didn’t look back