AP poll

When does it come out? Curious to see if we get some votes

No chance we get any votes.

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We got votes in the coaches poll in pre season, there is totally a chance we could get votes in the AP this time.

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I would think tomorrow

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I wouldn’t bank on it.

We beat a G5 team. We were underdogs sure, but it was a G5 team. Don’t think we’ll get AP votes.

Who knows. Maybe we will, but until we beat TCU, i don’t see much representation for us in the AP polls


We beat a favored G5 team.


Im thinking we’ll be where Colorado is…top 5 for sure.

We beat a G5 team that was receiving votes. We’re also P5 now so we get to start reaping the rewards of P5 bias. Don’t think we receive more than a handful of votes but I do think we’ll get some.


UTSA was ranked #29 so we have that on our resume.

Colorado jumps into the top 25.
LSU and TCU stay in the top 25 despite losing.

I say we are in the 30-35 range


So, in the also receiving votes section.

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Yes…im hoping we take UTSAs spot

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You know, its really unrealistic to have a poll this early. You just don’t know who sucks yet. And it gives UT four or five weeks of publicity before they’re exposed.


There is another game tonight otherwise it would already be out……so tomorrow.

Yes, I’m the AP and the coaches UTSA was about 28-29 in the rankings….not out of the realm to get a handful of votes.

We’ll see

To be honest, UTSA didn’t look that great… so let’s see if the AP Poll values UTSA. They are projected to win the AAC I believe, so perhaps they may see some value in that.

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I agree…but the week one poll was released so it “should” be the measuring stick of quality teams.

We just beat #29

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Not sure if you realize or not but some of these voters do little more than look at the score….some hand it off to others to either do completely or at least help.

We’re 1-0 against the Top 29! :wink: