Applewhite’s comments on king

I was wondering if anyone noticed during the Applewhite press conference when he said they had a package for king that they did not get a chance to use. I’m curious if he would consider using king as a quarterback for a couple of series a game similar to hell urban Meyer used Tim Tebow as a freshman. Chris leak was the starting quarterback but Tebow would play quarterback for one series in each half. It wasn’t a wildcat as he would run the regular offense.

He mentioned that same package prior to the season and prior to King getting injured in training camp. I’m guessing that’s exactly how he plans on using him. Coogs did something similar in O’Korn’s and Ward’s freshman seasons as Ward would come in to QB for a few series a game.

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I listened to his pre-camp presser last night and he said that King would see reps at QB this year.

That sounds… awful. Reeks a whole lot like of you have 2 QB’s you don’t have any

Not to mention the Cougars have three! I do trust the pedigree of King though. He’s done whatever has been asked of him at UH. Being the dude at Manvel H.S. the way he was is no small feat also.

I guess Allen should never come out

I mean I appreciate you putting words in my mouth and all. But I didn’t say that. I’m all in favor of pulling the plug on Allen unless we go to a better philosophy of play calling. I get the whole “wild cat” package and I don’t mind it used situationally. But I hated the whole O’Korn Ward series switch off. It didn’t lead to success before and I doubt it will now. If you aren’t pulling wildcat plays out situationally then pick a QB and go with him. If there QB fails as Allen has, and as I have advocated for, make a change.

I want King at QB I think he’s our best shot at continued high levels of success. I don’t want dopey come in for a series “spark off the bench” nonsense. And if you want to try and pull “well Postma came in and got those TD’s” Tech was playing super soft because they knew they had 3 scores and the clock to play with. They were right

So when Tech softened up on defense, why did they pull Allen? He could have gotten those TDs just as easily, right?

When Tech went to their prevent they were willing to give up runs of 15 to 20 yds but were trying to stop the quick strike touchdown. Our QB had to be ready to run and KA doesn’t run.

Tech was playing so soft you or I could’ve gotten a few yards on those runs. So could have KA he wouldn’t have run but yeah he could have.

Isn’t it better for the offense when the opposing defense is worried about the threat of the QB running all game long instead of just when they are up 17 points with 8 minutes to go?

Absolutely. I was just explaining why the coaches may have pulled Allen at that time. I am very concerned with the way our offense has played all year.

Both of these comments are why KA can’t start at QB for this team. And, notwithstanding the ‘prevent’ defense, had McDowell not coughed it up on the punt, we would have had enough time left on the clock that had we recovered the onside kick, there would have been a chance. The offense would have done better throughout the game with a QB who was willing to run. I think we all agree on that. I know KP is no Ward, Jr or King, but at least he isn’t scared or whatever KA’s deal is.

Here’s hoping our BEST QB starts vs Temple, whoever it is.

Tech did not want to give up the quick TD. But they did…TWICE against Postma.
Had we not fumbled the punt return we would have had enough time to force a punt and run the offense. Instead we were onside kicking.
KP did well in the red zone. Putting it in the EZ quickly, then repeating.

Either start Kyle Postma or King , after spring game, Arizona and tech, good enough sample size to say, the offense is not working with current personnel

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I want to take a different tack. The most important thing right now, and for the season, is for the head coach to have the courage to put the BEST player in the QB position, right now. The morale of the team, and the players belief in the system, is at stake. A change at QB is necessary now, not 3 weeks from now. It will be too late then, for everyone.

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