Are Clemson and Alabama ruining college football?

Coog mention in the article.

(Are Clemson and Alabama ruining college football?)

### Who’s next?

Alabama and Clemson can’t run college football forever. Eventually, their dominance will fade, and here are five programs that could take a leap in the coming years:

Texas: Tom Herman built Houston into a Group of Five power and has unlimited resources at Texas to bring the Longhorns back to national prominence. His 2019 recruiting class, ranked third, shows he’s on the right track just two years in.

I don’t know if I would say Herman built us into a Power. Although if I’m being honest, those were 2 of the best years of Cougar fandom for me. He was a great salesman with one foot always out the door.


Previous football dynasties didn’t ruin college football and these won’t either.


It will just make it sweeter when Alabama and now Clemson get knocked off the top.

Previous football dynasties didn’t include a four team playoff, of which those two seem to be a member of every year. That’ll result in stagnation and drop in interest. They need to expand the invitational, problem solved.


I would say that Herman and his staff coached up an excellent group of players provided by Tony Levine’s staff into a really good football team.

However, his ego and lust for the next job derailed what could have been a very good second year !!

He didn’t recruit well while at UH and worse yet, left us with Apple Boy.

Of course, Herman did not name Apple Boy as head coach.

That one is on us !!


Herman did bring in Ed and King, gotta give him that atleast

I think Ed was coming here regardless, his brother was here. But yes to King.

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I agree with the playoff, I figured it would drop interest in many but the top colleges for the casual college fan and I believe the early bowls ratings have proven that.

they have to open up the playoffs, even if its a play-in whereas the round or rounds preceeding the final four ala the basketball tourney; it’s gotta happen.

I have seen proposals for an 8 team and 12 team. Either would work. When something is stagnating you need to add something to the pot and stir.

CFP is ruining College Football, not those schools!

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And Lark and Stevenson.

Iowa State ranked at #21 is ruining college football.


Oklahoma won 47 consecutive games and folks are still watching football more than 60 years later.
Ratings are dropping because there is more to do. Kids don’t grow up playing football the way kids did back on the day. Lots of reasons including other sports and concerns about injury. Look at our own alumni if you want to see an example of a lack of interest. That’s not a slam on us it’s a universal thing.

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Plus, there are 50 games on TV every week.

It is called saturation !!

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Ed was coming here regardless because Marcus was here and that has been verified. King said when Ed came, he decommitted from TCU and changed to UH. So, you could say that Marcus Oliver brought us Ed and D’Eric.


I wonder if Herman tried to get the whole package to follow him to UT.

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And of course, Levine’s staff brought in Marcus Oliver. I’m pretty sure Levine and his staff knew about E Oliver and what it was going to take.

Herman and staff brought in a few players who mattered, but nowhere near what Levine’s staff brought in.

As poor as they were in coaching, you have to give them credit for spotting talent.