Are the seats smaller?

I’m a big guy, and I could easily fit in the old seats, but the new ones were much tighter. Did anyone else have the same problem?

Yes, I had that problem with the guy next to me and I didn’t even think the guy was that big.

Yes, Hofheinz seats were 2 to 3 inches wider.
The architects today keep designing seats for a twenty year old butt. Older folks are going to be a little uncomfortable in some instances. I hope they don’t cancel their season tickets as a result, but if you are uncomfortable…

Yep, dad and I are wide-shouldered and we were pretty snug in our seats. Luckily, he was on the aisle so it gave us a bit more room.

Definitely a much tighter fit.

Coog1, don’t blame all of us, I wasn’t there…but I have read the complaints. I blame that Architecture firm for not checking the standard seat sizes for adults…someone Architect and/or Contractor messed up Big time…

I would not mind if I had a hottie next to me the entire season. However, if it’s a over weight, heavy breathing, up and down fan I might not like it. Oops, That could be me. Never mind!


For $15 a seat, buy 2 seats (1 on the aisle) and ask for a Cougar Doll to sit next to you. I’m a problem solver. BTW, was it me or was that the spiciest set of Cougar Dolls we have had in a while? That 2nd half routine was…ummm…well let’s just say they had my attention.



And I sit right there where the CDs perform and in the interest of science I carefully watched them perform. I can verify your results! :wink:


I didn’t notice a big difference but I’m smaller than avg. They brought these seats to the games at TSU facility for demo, including the regular and club seating options. I guess some people didn’t get to try them out.

They had demos of all the FC seats available to try out at TDECU in 2017. Or in the UH offices. The width of the seats were also published on the FC website.

And yes, the end zone seats felt tight when I tried them. One of the reasons I decided to make an arena donation – to get wider seats.

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I’m not a tall guy, and there is this one short Burnett Cougar Doll that is very well blessed. Oh my… :open_mouth::heart_eyes:

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One thing I did notice was it seemed like there was more legroom. I’m 6’5" and I was able to stretch my legs out pretty comfortably. Compared to the Toyota Center where my legs are jammed into the seat in front of me or even Minute Maid, I was quite happy about that.


There is legroom but those seats are super small. Other than that the place is awesome.

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Talk about an area where the PAC 12 is really competitive…we’d have to stay on top of our game if we make that move.

I noticed this to compared to Toyota on the legroom

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What are the standard seat sizes for adults?

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The general seating section’s width is 18 inches. Priority chair back is 19 inches. Most airlines’ seats are 17.x" (ugh).

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Lose weight…

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Have you flown SW lately?