We don’t talk a whole lot about our commissioner on this forum but he deserves credit.

He has been talking up “Power 6” since day one and if this playoff proposal passes, he’d have a lot to do with them allowing SIX conference champions in.

The thought is that the AAC will be that 6th Best conference most years and the AAC will eventually become a Power Conference, in terms of access.

He still has work to do on the money side…but we ARE headed in the right direction!

I’d be careful about expansion now unless it a) gets all members more money b) makes the strength of our conference closer to the other 5 c) does not significantly reduce our shot at making the playoff…the more we add the larger it will be to win the conference.

I also find it odd that none of our local sports radio stations have had him on. He does a lot of interviews.


Making up the power 6 moniker, which has been widely regarded as a joke since its inception, has no bearing on the playoff proposal.

The simple statement that the aac will make it Into the playoff “most” years is a testament to this.

If we were a power conference then an AAC would make it into the playoff all the time, not most of the time. Not because the AAC, would field the best team, but simply for being a power conference.

Power conference means money. We don’t get the money.


aresco was the same commissioner along with the other G5’s commishs that signed on the G5 bowl. He/they sold us out. Right before he signed on a lawsuit against the P5’s would have been much more “manageable/winnable” on the basis of anti trust.


What was their alternative to signing?

The G5’s have some power. There are 10 conferences and 5 are g5.

Agree. We don’t expand unless its BYU.

I would also add to this list the fact that the current
contract he got the AAC into is too long for the money, running thru 2032. That’s a long time in today’s world where the rate of change itself seems
to increase. Not a fan of Mike to this point, but hope
my mind will be changed soon.


I agree. I appreciate the job Aresco has done with a very difficult situation.

Check out his latest effort:


Aresco does not deserve credit. We signed a long term deal when things are super inflated and will continue to go up.

We have not been a p6 conference and haven’t found any other revenue streams

He cost us a championship because he didn’t force the teams to play each other.

The only thing he has done is give power to the teams in regards to scheduling but hasn’t set any parameters


lol our “local station” maybe 790 with Sean Salisbury and those side hosts who like to chime in all the time was discussing this and they asked where was Liberty and Coastal Carolina and none knew. Their so out the loop when it comes to not knowing UT or A&M it’s sad

Exactly! Its really odd he doesn’t get access to the Houston media.

He does a lot of nterviews.

He was on in Orlando today talking about the playoff proposal and AAC expansion

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Link to article:


At least he’s not embarrassed to try. The squeaky wheel principle at work. I would like to see some AAC teams win OOC before his next meeting.


He should send this letter to Congress, specifically Senator Warren (UH Alum) Senators Cruz and Cornyn (From TX), Senator Rubio and Senator Scott (FL), Senator Brown (OH) and the several congressmen in all the major states (OH, FL, TX, MD, etc).

Unless we learn to play the political game, we will continue to be left out. Remember the lessons of Utah and Louisville.


Could you imagine had we listened to Andre Ware and stayed in CUSA?


When you go to work for a network you sell your brain for money and prestige. I’m surprised he didn’t lobby for more money to the SEC.

I love Andre Ware, but I knew it was stupid when he stated that UH going to the American was a mistake.

We’ll let that one slide Andre…

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Thank you for posting UH1927.
A couple of points to keep in mind, I love the letter and how it was framed. You all noticed that none of the addressees responded…
aresco could have easily be a co-sponsor to that letter. Was he?
Was the letter a “legal” pre-draft letter for possible future litigations?
Now regarding aresco and HIS comments.
Do you remember when UCF went undefeated and called themselves National Champion?
Do you remember how aresco initially responded?
Do you remember who gave “his blessings” to the G5 moniker?
Do you remember that aresco told everyone “this was the best deal for us”?
Do you think for a minute areasco has anything to do with this possible cfp expansion?

We all know why the cartel/cfp is considering expansion. Like any Business Major you can clearly see what is happening with the cfp “customer base” The cfp has it is today is no longer viable long term. The cartel knows how to do one thing well, very well. That is how to generate money. So let’s say this expansion goes through how is the money going to be distributed?
You did notice the G5 “dividing” around $90M while the cartel was giving $60M to…each to the P5 members. This is what the current and future meetings will tell us IF this is going to happen or not.


Would we have two straight losing seasons if we were in CUSA? The Coogs are an also-ran in the AAC with the exception of one great year. We are freaking JAGs.

Why do you say “We”? You very rarely say anything positive about UH.

Being the Jags in the AAC is better than ruling C-USA …