There are some arguments just not worth my time. When we all (myself included) have made up our mind about a subject. What’s the point of arguing if you’re not going to convince or be convinced?


What is the point of discussion? To hear what other people think. I take it all in, may not change my mind but i like knowing other thoughts on stuff

Yea but much of them get repetitive once you’ve heard what they think initially. Just becomes like banging my head against a brick wall.


Yeah, it’s rarely a discussion. Just repeating talking points.


Or they just drag other threads in where they didn’t get the last comment or resort to name calling but there are some great posts.

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I enjoy reading how people construct their arguments or defenses of positions. I like to understand how their mind works. And sometimes changes my mind. By listening to the other side or sides I find it softens my hostility and find we have many things in common. Sure, we have some that just like to pop off and offer flimsy supporting points or none at all. And some here that I think are just role playing with ridiculous statements to get a rise or response. Some I think crave attention of
getting responses - I guess that’s a definition of trolling.

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Cf. above