Arizona has always gotten on my nerves for no reason at all.

That was as good of a November basketball game as I’ve seen for a while.


That’s Big 12 basketball

Arizona played tough. Really liked Larsson, Boswell and Keshad Johnson

Duke, overrated. :-1:t2:

Roach and Filipowski were good. But, they got outrebounded big time. Kinda soft in the paint

Kind of rubs me the wrong way when they chant their name. I prefer Duke.

SDSU over BYU 18-17 with 7 or so minutes left in the first.

As we already know, The Arizona Wildcats are a fantastic addition to our Big 12 Conference.

We are about to have lots of Top 10 teams all within our conference.

What a future conference!!

Rice has now gone ahead of Harvard 62-60 with 8:40 left.

ETA all tied now.

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Duke will be eaten by teams with notable size. Kyle is soft in the post even Duke fans will tell you that. They have a 7 footer but play five out. No problem with spreading the floor but they didn’t even try to take advantage when a smaller defender switched on him.

And I think Arizona has been underrated in general. I really liked Boswell tonight. Jaden Bradley is also very good and Lewis looked tough. I think they’re tougher defensively this year with Krissa gone as point and the addition of Johnson.

But it’s only November 10th. Anything happens in college basketball.

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True. For November, this was an excellent game

Says the basketball version of Dana Holgorsen.

Good old fashion big 12 basketball.

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