Arkansas not even after Sampson

According Berman’s source.


Uh huh.

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Good to hear. Even if it is April 1st.!

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Sounds an awful lot like Ark wasn’t able to make much progress with CKS’ agent so they’re trying to save face. I’m good with that.


It’s for both sides to save face and I’m good with it too.


Arky: “will you go out with me?”
Hot girl: “No. you’re ugly”


I’m not surprised they may be looking elsewhere. It was probably a distraction ploy concocted by SEC disciples.


The lesson here: when it comes to “sourced” UH news, trust Mark Berman and Joseph Duarte. Matt Musil is nothing more than a clout chaser when it comes to the Coogs. He is a pro sports reporter.


Wait! How can this be true? Are we really going to bank on what Mark Berman says? I mean, come on. A friend of a friend has a cousin that worked with a neighbor of the janitor that cleans the office of Hunter Yuracheck on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and word on the street in Fayettville, Arky is that Sampson met with Yuracheck inside a handicapped bathroom stall at the Golden Corral Buffet & Grill (the upscale version of Golden Corral) on College Avenue in Fayettville, Arky. Supposedly, there was just enough toilet paper inside the stall to write out the Hog’s offer to CKS using permanent magic markers. According to the sources I noted above, Arky went above and beyond. They brought in a grad professor with an endowed chair from Wal-Mart in toe counting and ciphering to review the contract presented to CKS. It is a done deal. I’ve been checking Flight Tracker. There are planes that fly to Fayettville. One of them must be a plane carrying Sampson to/from Houston and Fayettville. I’m not saying that Berman is wrong, but when Arky brings in a grad professor in toe counting and ciphering, you know they mean business. We better keep worrying and pushing back against the news reports from Berman. I’m still worried. Golden Corral in Fayettville? How are we going to match that? Does Tilman Fertitta have enough Landry’s gift cards to even compete with Golden Corral? Somebody in the inner circle give me some hope!

Go Coogs. Peace.


What will we wring our hands about now???


Everyone does know it’s April Fool’s day, right? Even Mark Berman could have a sense of humor. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You act like our fan base hasn’t had problems keeping our coaches in the past and that we should have not been concerned the whole time…


That looks like an exit ramp for UA. CKS gets to say, “It was never an option” Arkansas says, “He wasn’t our target.” Everyone knows this is kind of not true. But everyone saves face



CKS must of told his agent that he prefers UH. I think they’re just working on specific languages on contract. If CKS resigns with UH, I think the University will give him everything he wants and the kitchen sink. $3 million per year sounds good when both Kellen and Lauren will most likely get a big raise themselves.


Possible, but I think it may also be that what Berman said is technically true and there was just preliminary talk between HY and Sampson’s agent. Though this may still sort of be saving face for both sides.

Or maybe this really is true and there really never was anything to all of this. I think on Wednesday Sampson said something like “no one had talked to me, no one has talked to my agent” and said numerous times “there’s nothing to respond to.”

Either way…don’t care that much about what really happened. Just want him to be our coach and very relieved to read this. Of course we could still lose him. But if he goes to the NBA or something that will honestly hurt a lot less.


My question is whether this same source has been asked the question previously. Or, is this a new source in the Arkansas AD’s office?

Just curious.

Most probably this is all agent driven just like it always is

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Since all the Arkies played this up I wonder if they’re melting down or just jumping on the Beard scam now.

I’m not saying it’s not technically true (i.e. all communication through agents, etc.). I’d guess it is.

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If the Sampson family gets what they want and the marketing arm of the basketball team gets an increase in money, I hope we see a massive promotion throughout town!

Billboards aside from the one at 59 and 45.

If I recall during Judas’ time, the football team was plastered throughout town and UH merchandise was at an all time high at all Academy locations.