Armed man at Jan6th convicted

Will @firstandten admit now that there were armed men on Jan 6th. Or will he continue to spread lies

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One guy, and he never entered the capital or threatened anyone with it.

And no guns will be bought back.
Your statements continue to be proved false. We should run a tally

I never said there was no guns, other than this one guy who was picked up outside after the rally

Yes you have, you claimed it was just ‘sticks’ a term you kept using

Check my past posts again.

We had to show you pictures

Maybe so but he could have easily overthrown the Government with it…

Lol, yeah right, one pistol against 100s of armed police some with m16s

Cool with people storming the capitol, you guys sure are patriotic

Under federal sentencing guidelines, you generally have to do at least 85% of your sentence.

He’ll be behind bars for close to 6 years at a minimum.

Had he been convicted in a TX court for all but a handful of offenses, he might parole out in a few years.

This wasn’t the only gun there.

How many did you count?

Not hard to find support for what I said. Much harder to find support for one or zero. There were people there that have reported on this.

How many sticks did you count?

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So rumors

No, not rumors. Reporting isn’t rumor. And there are other weapons cases out there.

firstandten. Don’t bother responding to her click bait articles.
This sham of a trial is clearly intended to do one thing. We all know what it is. I was told to not open political thread. This is 100% one.

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How is it a sham? Only because you support the insurrection? And didn’t get to install the guy who lost?

It was a real crime, with a real judge, attorneys, and evidence and after a trial was found guilty.

Those are facts.


I’m guessing the guy going to prison thinks it’s real. Lol


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