Armed man at Jan6th convicted

Did I ever wrote or told you that I supported idiots getting into the capitol?
Go ahead and find my posts that said so.
Oh my…

Your defecting…you called it a sham…what was the sham part?

I didnt say you did, I asked if you supported the insurectionists? I asked a question.

You have been defending those idiots and their Ieader. Omg these dudes want to act like we can’t read their words.
And once again the lack of self awareness, to tell someone else in a post to not post in that thread because it a shame trial. When in fact its an article on a real trial.

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It is a sham political trial, all hearings in the senate are. This guy got caught carrying a pistol in the capital grounds, never fired it, never unholstered it, etc …

You realize a grand jury voted to indict this guy? A federal grand jury.

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I’m talking about the senate hearings

If I went robbed a bank with a gun, it wouldn’t really matter if I fired it or not.


Did he go inside

Doesn’t matter. If he directed people that did, then he’s a “party” to the offense.

It’s like burglary. You don’t have to enter the house to burglarize it. If the people inside taking stuff are handing the stolen property to you at the door and you are taking it to the car, if you drive the getaway vehicle, or if you are the ring leader directing everyone from outside, then you are a party to the offense, and just as guilty.


In any event, he was convicted of interfering with the police among other things; you don’t have to go inside to do that.

He was also convicted of two counts of obstruction of justice for threatening his kids to prevent them from narcing on him. His own son testified against him.

He had five total indictments.



Dude is going to prison for 7 years. He clearly did some pretty terrible stuff.

Really the best part of the story is his son dropping the dime on him.

I mean this a great story all around, a hole is going to prison, no one but fellow white trash is going to visit him,and it was his own kid who helped put him there after threatening them. All we need is him getting soap dropped and the story would be complete with no notes of someone getting what they deserve.


So how many of those that threw bottles and assaulted police and caused the secret service to take the president to have to go down to the bunker under the whitehouse got 7 yr sentences

How do the things done by those people compare to what this guy did? Be serious. Have you read anything about him, or are we going with the fake news defense of this?

If someone assaulted a police officer, they should have been arrested. Any specifics on that or is this a vague accusation based on “rumors?”

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They both assaulted police officers during a protest, one was arrested given a 7 yr sentance, the others, nothing

They threw frozen water bottles at them.

And btw, the president said he went to the bunker to do an “inspection.” Stop with the fake news.


That’s not all this guy did. Read up.

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Did they hit them? How do you know? Did you see them?

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