Army-Navy/FCS Semi Finals weekend

JMU w the easy win.

JMU QB can sling it. Good speed. If NDSU wins today, they meet in the Fargodome.

NDSU isn’t quite as stout as previous versions but beating them in front of 8000 Buffalo horn wearing crazed farmers is a tall order


Go Navy!

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Observations from pre-game . . . . . Middies and Cadets march into and onto the field. Middies look somber and focused. I did see one Mid with some sort of bandage cover on and another with overseas cap. Meanwhile, closeup on Cadet shows wondering look, while another looked like he was searching for something in his mouth with his tongue. Another was a female with an expression that made me think her dog just died.

So middies look like zombies and the cadets are alert and checking things out. That is a good sign.
Go Army. Beat Navy

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I don’t care for the Navy helmets. That star looks like it belongs on Air Force Academy helmets

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It’s on all military and naval aircraft. The Navy has more aircraft than the Air Force. Then again, the Army has more boats than the Navy.

All we had on the side of our aircraft was US Army. CAV patch on the aft pylon. The rest was up to the flight engineer

I would be quite surprised if the Navy had more aircraft than the Army. Then again, a lot of the Navy pilots coming through Corpus Christi are going to helo school instead of jets now.

And good luck seeing the US Army on the side of our aircraft.

No star

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A close friend of mine here in The Villages played DE on 3 national championship teams at NDSU…my money is on those guys…

One of my students was a helo pilot in the Navy. Super nice guy and my best student that semester.

Sam Houston getting destroyed.

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