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not a great start for the conference, ECU is going to be a wagon again.

ECU (3-0) - swept Rhode Island
UCF (1-2) - scored 36 runs and still lost 2/3 to FAU
Tulane (1-2) - lost 2/3 to Louisiana
Wichita (0-2) - lost to #20 Ok St, game 2 today (they lost)
Cincinnati (0-3) - Swept by #25 Clemson
USF (0-3) - swept by Florida Gulf Coast ( :expressionless:)
Memphis (0-0) - series with NIU Canceled

A&M CC may be tougher than we think. They swept their opening double header against the defending MAC champion.


That UCF series was wild. Saw this earlier. Two grand slams in one inning by a freshman at FAU


oddly enough, they’re playing game 3 right now in CC then i guess heading straight to houston for tomorrow night.

they’re up 4-0 in the 4th

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TAMCC always has a tough squad. Coach Malone does good job there

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Saw the highlight but didn’t realize it was against UCF, crazy!

Just like football and hoops, all of our teams in the AAC need to do good in OOC…bad showings hurt the conference big time…

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Yah disappointing start for the florida twins and for Tulane. You certainly want at least one of those three to be strong to go along with us and ECU. Maybe Wichita can bounce back and pull a split with the Cowboys. This league, while small, actually has a tremendous amount of potential as it really doesn’t have a bad program in the bunch. We just need someone to finally break through and make it to Omaha. Hopefully its us!


5 games before the UT series. I’d say we lose at least 1 of 4 to AMCC, so have to go 4-1 over those 5. Frankly, 3-2 or worse is not a good thing.

My buddy’s son plays for them… Gonna have to tease him after we win… Lol

Softball Style…

ECU beats #25 Duke today (02/23) to stay unbeaten - final score 6-1. Tonight - TSU visits #14 TCU. Go Tigers.


ECU is the real deal in baseball. Shame their hoops and football aren’t.



2/26-28 weekend slate. #2 preseason conference pick UCF could be 1-6 after 2 weeks


They’re football program has ups and downs… Like every other school oitside of the P5…

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Don’t know why you added the P5 qualifier when even most p5 programs swing up and down. With ECU I was more referring to their performance solely as a member of this league which has just consistently been down. I know that if you dig back a little further you can find some competitive teams. Hopefully, their recent hires can turn them around.

A couple of AAC teams in games of note this weekend. UCF goes to Ole MIss - ranked #1 and Tulane visits Miss. State - ranked #5. Both are 5 pm CST start times.

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