Arrested White dude brought bombs to Minneapolis riots

Yes folks.

People are coming to these city protests from outside to foment havoc.

Take this guy, for example.

From the looks of this one, I will go on a limb to say he didn’t go to any prestigious law schools.

This guy definitely is a troublemaker and had a plan for mayhem.

I do have questions though:

isn’t everyone regardless of race capable of being outraged by what happened?
aren’t all races protesting?
how do you differentiate who is there to protest that get caught up with the troublemakers and those that came to cause trouble?
were the two lawyers that firebombed the NYPD vans protesters or troublemakers?

From the story, it is easy to draw some conclusions about this guy. Troublemakers / instigators are what they are regardless of race. Peaceful protesters are what they are regardless of race.

I watched videos of the looting and some look very organized and methodical so I tend to think: these are opportunistic people stealing valuable goods. And then I see some that smash windows without trying to take anything and it’s hard to discern if they are emotional about the protests, wanting to do something violent without the fear of accountability or trying to wreak havoc on society. Same with the people confronting the law enforcement officers managing the riots. Are people carrying umbrellas and milk as a precaution in case things get out of control or because they plan to make things get out of control?

This is why I stopped watching the coverage, going to Twitter, posting on the closed thread etc. This is very complex situation with many forces at play.

I spent some time in a former Soviet Republic with a “democratically elected” President. The newspapers (before internet news / social media was a thing) were mostly a tool of the government. You had opposition papers but they either did not last long or were simply a tool for the other side. It did not take long after my return to see the same happens here – as George Costanza said: it’s not a lie if you believe it.

It’s a complex world with a lot of players and many people pulling the strings behind the scenes. I am not sure I really want to know what our CIA does in our “interests” abroad. I try to take all “news” with a grain of salt.