Article on Pac 12 upcoming negotiations


Tough quote in the article: “No Pac 12 game has been among the top 30 rated televised games of the season for the last two years.”


Well they probably need the central time zone and bigger tv markets so maybe they look East like Aldine said. Per this , we will know what they decide sometime in 2022. UNLV , Nevada, Houston and Tulane or Texas Tech would be good picks.

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Without knowing their attendance or viewership numbers, SDSU sounds like it would make sense as well.

PAC 12 either needs more doormat teams to beat up on (not us) or a world beater who makes the playoff consistently (also not us).

Until then, they will have the same issue, and everyone goes 7-5 every year.

I still say that if we get into a big conference like the PAC 12, then everything changes. THEN we recruit and get many of the same kids that A&M and UT gets, keep more Houston 4*'s home and now we can’t be counter recruited by saying that “UH Can’t win a natty.”


Have AAC games? If so…that is a great card to have in our back pocket.

Really all they need is USC to get back on a roll and UCLA to be above average.

Don’t forget Oregon with their unparalleled marketing partner.

Yeah, they will rise with USC and get shots at another championship. The PAC just had its top programs all go bad at the same time. The Big 12 would have been dying too if it wasn’t for OU being consistent top 10 every year. Clemson by itself lifted the ACC with its run as well.


Surprising. I would think USC/ND would break the top 30. Not so much because of USC, but ND has a HUGE following.

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There will never be a 5th California team in the PAC


Yea. Expansion is about new markets–not adding more mouths to feed in existing markets.

The day after UH joins the PAC (insert number here) conference, ESPN will start talking about the Power 4.

The presidents of the pac12 will decide. It won’t be us fans or what normal fans think about. Normal p5 fans and fans in general think in terms of adding great p5 programs which is why we see negativity in regards to Houston. Rutgers for ex would have never been added to the Big10 if it was fans deciding. They want new markets like mentioned so we have a shot. Fluglar on twitter mentioned we could have multiple bids based on that back in 2019.

That’s crazy talk, there’s no way a blue blood like USC is going to be considered a G5 team

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