Articles discussing 610 beef

Here are the issues. Writers are acting like Herman is doing this to every article and talking head out there. No it was 610. It’s not a thin skin, it’s a continuos assault by a station that is clearly just trying to tear his hard work down. Before Herman got here we got ZERO coverage, and now we’re only getting NEGATIVE coverage… Get out of here with that stuff. The timing of these “articles” seems to coincidentally be made to cause direct negative consequences to his efforts at this school, it’s almost like they want to screw him over or the school. No one else seems to be having that timing. Additionally it’s not short sighted. What he did was stand up for a school he works for and the common feeling is that he won’t be at for long. Which shows what kind of man he is. He is loyal. Period. no matter if he’s only here for 2 more days, or 2 more years, or 20 more years. That is not short sighted at all. Things like this and him staying to finish the season at OSU are what make his players believe in him and trust him. He doesn’t need the media, what he needs is productive players who buy in. Every article I’ve read is short sighted about this whole issue. They refuse to see it from any other view point but their own and act like they are more important than what actually happens on campus…sorry, but you’re not. If we keep winning, 610 will not only not matter in comparison to all the national media we’ll be getting, but they’ll come back on their knees asking for forgiveness… I’m just seriously amazed at how self centered the media seems to be.

I have only seen one article that has said it was not great for Herman. Many more writers are applauding him or throwing shade at 610.

i’m pretty sure i’ve read a few, but maybe i’m getting confused. This is the one that prompted my post.

Also what the “pro-UH” Sean Pendergast said.

Yeah, that is the negative one I saw.

USA Today’s Dan Wolken lit CTH up pretty good this morning:

No need to feed this blown out flame. Talk about 610 feeds their fire. Next important topic. How about them Coogs!

I guess i didn’t mean it to be about 610, but the way some media is talking about it in such a self centered and obtuse way is remarkable to me. They don’t seem to understand the big picture, only how they are involved. The whole point of media is the exact opposite of that. It’s just interesting to me.

I read another one today that was stupid by some national media guy. He had no understanding of the situation. He probably has a friend who works for 610.

Wolken’s a troll , and by reading that, he’s been waiting for this situation to take a shot at Herman.

The media takes care of the media.


Nobody is more butt hurt and thin skinned than the media when one of theirs gets called out or shunned by someone taking a stand.


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