Artificial Intelligence is a problem that the country is not prepared for

And I don’t think the government really knows how to relay this message to the people without instilling fear. It’s going to hit us all at once, and most people living paycheck to paycheck thinking that modern life won’t change at its very technological nature will suffer the most

I’m not saying drastic changes will occur next year, but I’m talking within the next 10-15 years.

There are scientist who been sounding the alarm bell at least for the last 10-15 years or more about AI and how it’s going to effect society and ow will put a lot of people out of work. I am talking about what is considered white collar jobs as well blue collar truck drivers etc , attorneys, doctors, engineers you name it it going cause a massive social upheavel. Our political leaders don’t want to talk about it. Their is going to have to be a new social contract. A guaranteed income and more

I was gonna say that too on guaranteed income or a base amount if this happened otherwise social unrest so I’m not sure what the point would be if the goal is efficiency and reduced costs for businesses bc they would then pay higher taxes.

Sam Altman said it best.

Most of us assumed that it would be Blue Collar jobs → Low Skilled White Collar jobs → High Skilled White Collar jobs → Creative jobs. Automation will happen in that order.

Instead, it’s going in the opposite direction. Words from the CEO of OpenAI

The Republican’s are on board in wanting a consumption tax, abolishing the IRS, and elimination of the income tax. Now imagine a consumption tax only, guess who gets hit the hardest with that type of tax? The average Joe. It’s a regressive tax. Republicans shifting the burden of taxes even more on the middle class.

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I think there will be a long period of transitioning to completely automated occupations, but I think the number of workers needed will absolutely decline. Humans will still be needed for some time.

Maybe 20 years at most. It will be like the industrial revolution in the 1800’s all of sudden it’s on your front door and all the complexties it brought to society.

The “middle class” is an illusion

Most of human history there has only been the rich and the poor. Capitalism as it stands has been able to support a middle class, but artificial intelligence could drastically change that in the future.

We’ll get to a point where some sort of UBI system will be implemented, but ultimately at the sacrifice of human freedom.

Tech companies could offer UBI services to people, but you have to abide by their rules politically, Economically and socially

We’ve already automated away some blue collar jobs.

Disagree it may be phenomenon of modernity, but for social stability, a middle class in the present day age is absolutely essential for social stability. Look at the societies who have little or no middle class. There basket cases.

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I agree, but if there’s nothing for the middle class to do, then a middle class isn’t really sustainable

You literally would have to completely shift the way an entire society views wealth and wealth distribution which will most likely never happen because it’s human nature to be selfish


I hope the world changes fast enough. Unfortunately i think it will have to go tragic before we realize our old ways have to change

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Well climate change definitely doesn’t help

There are jobs that will be created out of this that we aren’t even thinking about right now.


Of course but the question is who gets those jobs?

Majority of college grads entering their respective fields are performing day to day tasks that can easily be replaced by automation. How do they get their foot in the door without the assistance of nepotism or cronyism?

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That remains to be seen. It’s unknown as I mentioned. But this sort of thing has been predicted before.

I expect major changes from AI. The game will change. That doesn’t mean there won’t be jobs.

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All you have to do is look at what happened to the auto industry, next is all of society. Skynet is coming, robot warriors, all you see in the movies as sci-fi, is tomorrow’s technology. Consciousness informs consciousness. We are Co-creators of the world that is being created we need to rise to a higher spiritual state for our survival as a species our technological advancements are out pacing our wisdom. As pointed out we may have to experience a tragedy to have the necessary shift in our consciousness. I pray not. I’m hoping we can do it without a catastrophic event to do it


I do think this much bigger than anything we have seen in past. Even a small workforce can have huge impact. I need to find the article but i read when the phone company phased out switch board operators that those women never find new jobs. The more people pushed to look for new work at the same time is my fear.

It is a regressive tax and it would kill many businesses bc then to save money or the tax, people simply don’t buy , destroying 1000s of businesses. This is an ignorant selfish plan. A flat tax would be fair where wealthy pay more and poor pay less if they want the irs gone or reduced. If they did their plan, you’d have to give poor and middle class more breaks on the consumption tax otherwise like said, it’s hurting poor and middle class more.

Maybe AI can figure out a solution