As bad as Tune is…

Can we finally start blaming DH for this mess? I’d prefer to never hear another Applewhite excuse 3 seasons removed from him as to why we are still losers under DH. Does anyone really think that Herman, Sumlin, or even Levine or Applewhite would perform this poorly as a HC over parts of 3 seasons? Let’s not forget the national embarrassment of a “forfeited” season DH put us through in 2019 either to ensure he jump started our future which is supposed to be now right? Honestly those in the know, does DH actually even put in the time to try to be a good coach? I don’t see how any coach worth a darn could watch Tune do the same thing year after year and think that is a plan to win.

Is DH a grinder that puts in the hours and gets into the details and demands accountability or is he simply an arrogant overpromoted partier who has the right rich friend and is not truly dedicated to the profession and doing what it takes to win?

Also, where is the incessantly blabbering Fertitta during all this? I assume he is too embarrassed or arrogant himself to say he was wrong. At some point you just move on. Let’s not let the billionaire dictate the choices real professionals should be making. Pez makes the next choice for HC when that comes. That person either succeeds or we show Pez the door too.


With a free 12 million in the bank so far!

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Tillman makes the next choice but he’s not going to get rid of his drinking buddy.


That’s the part about Dana and a lot of bad coaches like him that always puzzled me. He could see the kid is simply not a college football QB material and still he tries so hard to put him in there to make it work. Like he is on a mission to prove to everybody that this kid, that is beyond obvious that he simply doesn’t have what it take to play college football, would still be great because he is Dana Holgorsen and he is going to prove everybody wrong because if he simply trains Tune enough and gives him enough time and experience to play the QB position in college, then Tune will turn into a star QB that nobody else could see except the great Dana Holgorsen himself! And this mentality is not only tragic for Tune and the fans, but for those other QB’s that are far more deserving of the opportunity but never got it despite their superior talents. Trying to turn somebody into something they’re not is never a good strategy in any field, especially in football when your failure is all there for the world to see!

Okay … I give up …

99 and 44/100% of ALL the postings now have switched from lets get outa AAC to …

Holgerson = bad lets get rid of him …

Tune … ditto …

The retreads recommended for replacing Holgi are ah hoot though …


And all of that is with Pez "adjusting " this year’s schedule to protect CDH so his record makes him look like a better coach than he is.

I’m seeing nothing that reminds me of his when he was OC.


EXCELLENT post, Sooner i agree 100 %…


I’m not as knee-jerk as a lot of you, mostly because my expectations were quite a bit lower.

I think it’s critical to change one variable to start, take adequate time (2 weeks) to gauge improvement, then make an assessment of other variables. As in, let’s see another qb already.

I think there is a lot of confirmation bias on this board about CDH from people who have always wanted him fired. It was an ugly game for sure and Tune ran the offense about as poorly as possible. Unless some of you think the plays were drawn up to throw into coverage. Last year a lot of the blame fell on the OL. Last night I saw a qb with plenty of time that just looked lost.

If CDH doesn’t make a change at qb, or he does and the result is as bad, or worse, there is no defense left of his adequacy as hc and he’s gotta go.

I had also read a ton about how great our defense would be. What I saw last night wasn’t great defense as much as some great plays by some standout players, ie. Derek Parish, Marcus Jones and D’Anthony Jones. Tech has some big, athletic players, compared to a lot of the competition we will see this season, so it will be interesting to see how we look against poorer programs.

The obvious NFL guys are our saving grace regardless of Tune throwing rotten eggs.

They should go off vs some of the meatballs we have coming up.

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Imagine being this bad at your job and getting paid $4 mil a year, then when you inevitably fail you get a 7 figure buyout.

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AND he has $1 million bonus coming when we get a B12 invite plus a raise kicks in for the B12 invite.

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Dana Holgorsen has absolutely nothing to do with a Big 12 invite. The man should be fired immediately after getting embarrassed 31-0 in the second half. UH will not get another dime of my money as long as this fraud is the head coach.

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Oh, but he does. Hiring him away from WVU, no matter the circumstances, and a high salary showed UH was ready to play with the big boys


Happens with CEOs all of the time. Except we’re talking 8 figures.


I’m frustrated but I’m still giving some $ I’ve been saving when they announce the new football building.

Think forest not the trees.


Recouping 1/2 of Dana’s salary at his casinos and restaurant’s bars.

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Give that money to Sampson.

Loved hearing the roar for Kelvin before the game yesterday. Living legend. We owe him a lot.


I’m neither pro or anti CDH, but is a good question. I wonder from a pure outsider’s point how they would see CDH …… I’d guess it would be the later.

That’s the spirit! :man_facepalming:t2:

How do you guys think Herman was replaced? Once all the alumni started letting the AD know they would no longer be getting their money as long as Herman was the head coach, UT had no choice. I’m not sure why anyone would give money to the AD who employs this fraud Holgi.

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