As we needed anymore proof

Libs were all excited about the tuck wear industry. Is it really hard to find tuck wear yourselves or just upset people want Target to stop selling tuck wear for kids?

With all games of “Lambs” you host at your place you should invest in a few…dozen.

How many new Target threads are you going to make? Obsession.

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No idea what that means. Anyways, looks like your trans cult is threatening to bomb target. Yesterday, they claimed it was extremist lol. Democrats are nasty people, we can all agree. Everybody saw how they “peacefully” protest.

The girls in the well pepper….the girls in the well…


Pollard is the Alex Jones of coogfans.


Do the right thing and let them go pepper.

Huh? The people making bomb threats are extremists.

I know you’re a self proclaimed low info poster but really, that was a dumb take.


Duce, let me school you once again. They were claiming it was normal human beings (not libs) that were threatening employees. Turns out, it’s the dems trans cult.

You always post late at night. Is that when the trailer park wi-fi is the strongest?

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She doesn’t have a job, or kids, or family to keep her sane.

So she comes on Coogfans because that’s all she has.

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Lol, I mean that’s not wrong. When traveling to Rv parks it’s best to wait early morning hours for best Wi-Fi.

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No, that’s just your warped interpretation. They said extremists, which are not just normal everyday Joe or Jane public.

Extremists are found on both the right and the left. I’m against extremism of any kind. I will agree that the memo was (wrongly) only considering right wing extremists to be a danger over these controversies. However it was not painting the general public that was outraged as extremists.

Of course some of this is a repeat discussion from one of the other dozen threads you started about Target.

Looks like there were others banned too.


Now we just need to wait for the next sock puppet account of his to do the same thing. Lol


holy cow! ITcoog suspended pepperseed!

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Looks like the balance was FormerShasta. I find it funny we went with such a long reason. It could just be, spamming the board and being a huge chode. And Jason was constantly responding to said chode.

And @cgrbkr.

Damn, he took out former Shasta??