Assistants leaving

Only one confirmed so far to follow to UT, but there will probably be more.

From what I’ve also seen:

  • Orlando will be the interim head coach (He’s already listed as such on
  • Pope is still working; was contacting recruits today
  • Naviar is still working; was contacting recruits today
  • Expect to lose Giles; he’s basically Longhorn royalty. Sucks because we lose our OL and DL coaches
  • If LSU can’t get Kiffen to be their OC, Applewhite may end up there if he can’t get the HC job here. He’s still persona non grata at UT though
  • No telling what happens to the rest of the recruiting staff; lot of them came from Ohio State
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Lovo and McKnight w/ the training staff are gone


If these mercenary coaches don’t have the character to stay for the bowl game, then I’m glad they’re gone. Good lord this is getting nasty.


Do we at least have the Waterboy with us? Geez, man all but the kitchen sink!

Surprised on Wyatt; many thought it would be a lock he would go back. Thought he did a good job with the WRs this year.

Keeping the GA staff.

Sorry to drag this old post up, but I didn’t want to start a new one.

Our former recruiting coordinator for around 9 months in 2016, Derek Chang, was on a Podcast with Stewart Mandel and Bruce Feldman this week (I’m not going to link it and give it publicity) and they asked him what the difference was between recruiting at UT and UH were. He goes on to say that it’s a higher level and more involved at Texas than at Houston.

So, I need to vent on this. This guy didn’t even spend a full year here, didn’t even spend one signing day with us, didn’t officially ensure that one recruit signed with us, and was one of the first out the door when Herman left (and, I’ve heard he was only brought in to start putting together relationships and classes for when they ended up at UT). How the hell does he know what it’s like to recruit at Houston? What a pompous a-hole.

And screw Mandel and Feldman for not calling him on it. Man, I hate the CFB national media who are only there because of relationships and not because of quality of work. They are part of the problem and only feed the cartel rather than keep it in check.

Rant over.


“higher level”. Thats funny right there.

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not a rant, Pray…EVERYTHING you wrote was gospel, bro…

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Well, maybe we need to light up Mandel’s and Feldman’s twitter feeds with all the questions real journalists should have asked.

I threw one at Feldman.

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Patrick you are right on. For anyone that thinks that the national media is not corrupted to its chore you are fooling yourself. By believing what they spit out you are fueling their fire. That is not a good combination. You only increase and multiply this belief that the P5’s are golden and the G5’s are garbage. Its simple and black and white. The national media that covers college football is in the tank. Get this right once and for all. You don’t believe me? You are fooling yourself.
The P5’s coverage vs. G5’s sums it up.

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