Astros 2 - The Umpire Strikes Back

Agree 100%.

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How do y’all feel about the GM hire? Is this a good move?

We’ll see. I slightly favored the guy from the Giants, but I really like having a guy with a strong scouting background in that role right now.

This is a much better outcome than the Ausmus rumor, for sure.


I think he is a great fit with what the Astros do….same mindset.

Bet you guys a $1 that our minor league system improves rather quickly.


:+1: :+1:

I just don’t understand why people name their sons “Dana”. jk

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Somewhat familiar with the Marlins - my son-in-law has a commercial connection. They are desperate to improve attendance, bleeding big $$'s. A substantial Hispanic community knows good baseball – they won’t start attending until Marlins improve their lineup with quality players. Yuli might be an attractive hire, but very cosmetic. Hope Yuli stays an Astro, whether he starts or not.

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If they’re desperate to improve attendance they should move the team.

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Now that the Astros selected Dana Brown, the Texans are on the GM clock.


That has to be Job #1A. Right now, we’re kind of thin.

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I really like what I heard from press conference….Gonna use their eyes to scout and analytics to verify what we are seeing.

Nice combination of it seems.

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