Astros 2 - The Umpire Strikes Back

WHATTT?? Is this the kind of thing that benches him for the season?


Should be a 6-8 week thing depending if surgery is needed……could be longer…not a season.


It was a weird game all and all, Venezuela wouldnt put in the phillies closer in the 8th, out of respect for the organization. Easily could of shut USA down in the 8th

Appears to be confirmed and xraysd. I doubt any torn ligaments, as the ball collided with hand.

Did the look on purpose to you or do you think it just got away from him? I’m pissed just watching that.

:rage: :rage:

Bard is a tool.

Yeah, it sucks… heard the pitcher had more than one wild pitch too

Update: no firm time table, altuve was upgraded to “out indefinitely”.

Dubon will likely play 2nd base.

It should be Hensley at 2B.

Dubon can not even hit his weight……should not be on an mlb roster at all.

Dirden and Yainer have earned a spot as well….

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Giant hensley fan, he showed incredible plate discipline on the biggest stage. Never seen his lateral quickness though

He’s a big boy but he played a lot of 2b in the minors……in todays spring training game I think we got a peek at Dusty’s plan.

He had Pena leading off and Hensley starting at 2B and batting 7th or 8th.

Exactly. This is where Hensley cuts his teeth in this organization. Trial by fire. But no, we’re gonna be treated to Adam Everett part deaux.

Sometimes Dusty makes me laugh. Dubon can’t even steal a base…or get on base for that matter.

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Remember the old saying?

You can’t steal first base….applies to Dubon for sure.

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Is 6-8 weeks including rehab stints? I read that it could take even longer than that to get feeling back in the thumb. Can you/y’all think of recent players who have had this injury and their recovery time? I am glad that we have added Abreu’s bat to the lineup and hopefully that can make up for some of the loss of Altuve’s production but I’m suddenly getting more nervous about the season with a tougher division.

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Reminded me of springer’s broken hand. Was on fire pre hand break, really struggled after.

Couldve been completely coincidental

It might be a little better that it’s his right thumb, depending on where it broke. It’s still not good, but the left thumb would probably make it take longer for him to start swinging a bat again.


My uneducated guess as a fan is that we don’t see him in the lineup until August.

5 months for a broken finger?

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The initial prognosis was for 8-10 weeks, but they’ll have a more definite number after the surgery. I’d expect to see him back in May/early June.

The Astros seem to always be extra cautious about this stuff and don’t rush their players back. We’ll see.