Asu @ utsa

Uh oh…Riverwalk Greg Ward and UTSA making Toad and ASU look silly. Upset a-brewin’!!!

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I love it, I hope they win and that ASU them causes trouble in the pac

UTSA is looking good. That QB is quick.

How bad must Tech be?

If this holds up, we might not be their biggest win in program history anymore!

3 TO’s for ASU so far. Will they turn things around in the fourth quarter like we did?

Yepp the roadrunner defense except for #11 looks decent. Grimes couldn’t tackle a middle school RB … he runs around a LOT but is doing little to contribute except one INT which was an accident when a taller sundevil let go of the ball on the ground.

The Toad is looking nervous.

Huh uh … ASU’s FG kicker can kick 'em from Luling on I-10 …


ASU within 3 with a little less than 12 to go.

ASU takes the lead with 3:15 to go.


That’s probably ballgame.

Never mind

Now, that’s ballgame. ASU escapes.

Props to ASU field goal kicker and Deer Park High School grad Zane Gonzalez. Made 4 of 5 field goals and 2 extra points. Two of the field goals were 54 yards and the one he missed was 53.

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