Athletic Department Operating Margins

Even B1G money won’t always get you there!

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Important to note that the numbers are based on 2022 when we were still in the AAC. Should look very different in a few years when we’re getting a full share of the Big12 money.


And, I believe A$M jumped up quite a bit in 2023, before they paid Jimbo $76million + staff buy outs.

I read a data analysts opinion that these numbers are not close to being accurate a few days ago.

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subsidized by the school…we need to fix this quick, B12 money will help but we have a lot of work to do

This needs to be emhpizied more. They are not the best numbers yet people will run with it hard.

Can’t wait to see the graphic once they start adding in $10-20 million for player salaries.

UT sports generated a record $271 million in revenue in 2023. The football team had a $122 million surplus over operating expenses.