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Which G5 schools should be recruiting better than they currently are based on location/facilities/etc.? — Aidan G.

Houston: The Cougars haven’t exactly recruited poorly, but they haven’t signed a top-four class in the AAC under Dana Holgorsen, ranking No. 5, No. 5 and No. 7 in the247Sports Composite. Under previous coaches, UH was typically in the top three.

Here it goes again Cary’s personal vendetta against CDH.


I didn’t write the article or select the question to be answered. I don’t work for The Athletic. I scour the internet for stories about the Coogs, whether they are positive or not. I post them all.


Wow- talk about shooting the messenger. That excerpt was also factual. We have not recruited as well as before.

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Stupid Cary writing for the Atlantic on the side, under a different name, writing letters to himself.

But we don’t need better recruiting classes because DH gets kids that want to be here and are of high character and are also under the radar, and sure maybe they come with some baggage but their hype is worth it u til they transfer out or get suspended.

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that top 4 stuff is NONSENSE…those ratings never take into account the top transfers we bring in…


I’m worried about the welfare of this dog…also wondering if it’ll work on my energetic 5 year old son…now shopping for an old school merry-go-round.


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