Athlon Sports Names College Football’s 2018 No. 1 Player

The best player in college football in 2018 doesn’t play for Alabama or Clemson. Or Ohio State or Michigan. Or Oklahoma or Texas. Or…I could go on for a while.

No, the best player in college football plays for a non-Power 5 team. He plays at Houston.


Heisman top 3… Calling it now. Not saying he will win it, but he should be in NY. The voters are too shallow to actually award him the trophy.



“He stayed home to play for Tom Herman…” No, he stayed home to play for HOUSTON! Awesome story, extremely biased writing.

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Wouldn’t extremely biased writing choose a player that isn’t playing for Houston?

if not hiesman how about the houston touchdown club gives him the lombardi no 2, for UH

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His dad said he had to stay with Marcus, his brother. Herman got lucky.

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This was written by ‘The Spun’… whatever the hell that is.

You know it’s biased when they included UT-Austin in the same sentence as “The best player in college football in 2018…”.


Given the unprecedented success and publicity of Oliver’s performance at UH, it makes me wonder why more 5 star athletes don’t sign with us.

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I predict the 19 class is going to have at least 1 and be a top 25 class