Attendance history

If you’ve ever wondered about our attendance history throughout the years, here’s a link to a blog that keeps track of that:

I know the author of the blog used to post on the other site; hope he moves over.

I am a big believer that our attendance histort is meaningless. Houston has grown so much over the last 20 years that our attendance potential is unknown.

Could we grow to 60,000? I am certain of that. Could we grow to 70 - 75,000? I wouldn’t bet against that.

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He needs to make the highest possible win total 15.:grin:

You can’t really say the population of houston has anything to do with our attendance. I mean houston in the 80’s is still 20x the size of current stillwater, ok and college station and et cetera. But I do agree that invigorating the city to our program allows for tremendous growth, and we are already seeing that.

The compass orientation of the stadium makes it easier to sell more season tickets, thus a larger average attendance per game. The eastside of Robertson was brutal.

I agree. We need to look at the population of Houston that are Alumni.

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