Attendance predictions for TCU

I’m thinking sub 30K


25k on seats.

I will be there


Isn’t this big 12 showcase weekend too?? :weary:


Solid 40k. 25k wearing purple.


I think TCU travels well considering this is UH first season as an Big 12 member.

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Blame it on Dana.

Prime time on FOX

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I’ll be there. It’s our 1st B12 game and been waiting a long time for it. If Holgo and Belk get embarrassed again then at least they’ll be another game closer to getting fired


I’m disappointed but I’ll be there


I will be there. A cold front is coming and the high for that day is forecasted to be 92°, so by game time it should be in the upper 80s. Do you think I will need a jacket?


I’m pissed. Came all the way back to lose. But me and the two people I brought with me are 100% gonna join me against TCU. Im creating fans. Lol


No way not going to see us get blown out by half time

I’ll pass and spend my money on the basketball team instead.

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Still think it’s full. My family will be there ready to yell and cheer on the Coogs


Announced will be 36K. Not that many in seats though.

In the pregame they said they already had 35,500 tickets sold, most of our casual fan will see a 2 point loss against a rival as a blip, and I expect 39k sold with 35-37k in attendance roughly 5-9k more than last week. Will still be a good time. Still a strong showing on secondary market prices have inched up slightly in the last couple days.

I don’t expect a sell out unless they run a promo because the last tickets are terrible and there are so many on the resale market because of the UT game.

On a seperate note the UT prices have come down in the last few days. I wonder if the Alabama win will change that?

TCU Home game…same for Texas. Homecoming will look like last year. lucky to have 7k


I’d love for someone to buy my tickets.

Aren’t over 35K tickets already sold?

I mean, if you’re asking how many will actually be in the stands, it may of course be way less after this fiasco, but in the end, only ticket sales will be reported as “attendance.”

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