Attendance Predictions: Texas State

Anyone have any predictions for the attendance to this week’s game?

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Should be a few hundred from being sold out! Have you seen the photos from the locals in town. They’re really hype about it.

32K+, just short of their stadium record of 33,006 against Texas Tech in 2012. Be nice to beat 2nd place which was Navy in 2014 at 32,007.

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The info I was given by a staff member is that UH sold more tickets to this game than txst did. Don’t have any way of validating that but we will see later tonight I guess.


If that is indeed true that is very impressive. TCU just played at SMU and there were maybe 10k in seats at kick off. No where close to a sellout and TCU is only 40 miles away from SMU.

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I was there. It was an excellent crowd with nearly 31k sold. Long security lines to get in. Friday night game. Boulevard is the real scene. They won’t sell 31k for UH despite lower priced tickets.

Sellout, you are correct. And the tailgating scene is awesome. Reminds me of “The Grove” at Ole Miss.

Coogs set the attendance record at Bobcat Stadium - 33,133


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