Augusta National Women's Amateur

In case you didn’t notice, Karen Fredgaard, member of the UH women’s golf team, tied for 3rd place in the Augusta National Women’s Amateur. The Amateur was played at the Masters, Augusta National Golf Course.

She led in the final round until the 14th hole when she began to fade. A bogie on 14th and a double bogie on 15th did her in, but she represented herself very well. She wore the UH hat with the new hand logo.

Congrats to Karen.


She did great! Was following on-line. She had a chance for the title until the last hole.


She had the Mo on the turn and it looked like she would win while the others in the field began to crumble. She began to lose her swing on 13 with a pull and again on 14 with her approach that pulled left and well short of the green. The killer was the double on 15 where she had about 200 yards to the pin and she hit behind it slightly to only hit it 185 or 180 into the bank and it rolled down the hill into the water. Then her down hill putt rolled about 12 feet past the hole for a three putt.

Those two miss hits did her in on 14 and 15 otherwise she probably wins it.

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Thanks, appreciate the synopsis. Kinda figured 15 was water trouble. Can’t imagine the thrill she had playing AN for two rounds!

It was a three round tournament.

What was surprising was the decision to have the Women’s Amateur to be played one week before the 2021 Masters Tournament. It would be good to know the course manager’s plan to repair the fairways, greens, etc. with only a few days before the Masters Tournament action begins.

I would have expected the women’s tournament to be played after the Masters, not before.

They only played one practice round and the final round at Augusta National with only 30 players playing the final round althought all 80 got to play the Friday practice round.

Pretty damn difficult competing on a nationally televised event with only one practice round on those lightening fast greens. It was no wonder so many girls blew by so many holes including Karen on that down hill putt on 15 with a three putt and a double bogey.

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