Austin Kendall

Backup QB to Kyler Murray at OU just entered the transfer portal

Wow!!! If he transfers that makes our game even more interesting. The only down side is if we can pull out the win the media will sully it for us. Also makes you wonder how they will do overall next year.

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Makes you think Hurts is leaning OU, if the job was his.

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Or that Kyler Murray might stay for another year. He still has eligibility.

It would be interesting. I made a comment about this on another thread because of Murray’s postgame comments. I got some criticism for it, but this supports some of the rumors I heard after the game. Not saying it makes sense or will happen, just mentioned that it was a strange possibility.

Yeah, stranger things have happened for sure, but it just doesn’t make any sense for him to return to school. Of course, it also didn’t make sense to Oregon’s QB to return to school since he was projected to be the top QB in this draft and next year’s QB draft is supposed to be much better. Who knows.

Don’t do it Kyler, geesh can’t OU just spot us a green QB next year? No Jalen, no Kyler.

Austin Kendall to Houston?

Kryler Murray is a rare and special douche that is both Aggy and Sooner. I like seeing him cry after he loses so bring it on. Let’s start his tears early in 2019.


Somebody is giving this Kyler kid bad advice, going to give back $5 Large to the As and get squashed like a bug in the NFL.


Or $5,000 Large.

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If he does hes looking at future money and avoiding a minor setting and go directly pro in NFL and possibly have the media backing him up. The second one is risky but has more reward.

Completely agree, makes no sense. I honestly think that ego is playing a role and then he’ll come to his senses.

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Let us know when he comes out on the other side.

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BREAKING: Deriq King announces transfer to OU

just kidding

this is weird though

Wish Kyler would stay to get a Deriq vs Kyler showdown

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Or Jalen headed there and he knows it?

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The Oregon kid needs to polish his game a bit before going to the NFL.

I think this kid is super talented. Played, Kyler Murray even in the Spring but Murray was given the job because he was older and probably would of left because of the MLB draft.

They also have the #1 hs quarterback recruit going there, but he most likely redshirts, and paves the way for Jalen Hurts for one year. Oklahoma is on his short list.