Averaging 41 per Game

During our 8 game win streak.

Low of 28(Navy) and high of 54, tonight.

With Temple and UConn yet to play we may see this average increase.

I watched Cincy today. We can beat them and,yes, in their Stadium. Tulsa came close. We killed Tulsa.

Tune is having an amazing run. So is #22. And 6 different guys caught a pass tonight. Who ya gonna cover?

Dana has this thing smoking!


Tune looked at times masterful. Being healthy has him seeing things in slow motion. He didn’t have perfect protection tonight. That was 50% oline and 50% poise.


Wondering where we’d be ranked if we played Tech at home and would’ve won….

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Why didn’t we play Tech at Home?

$$$ and good ole boys network

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Can’t turn down 2 million

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Especially post COVID

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UC is underacheiving the last few games. They will NOT underacheive in the CCG. I’m not saying they cant be beat, just don’t judge them by the last few games.

On the other hand, are they missing some key players? That could have an effect, too.

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Cincy is experiencing the pressure of being undefeated and with a very high ranking.

All opponents are fired up to beat them.

Just like we will be the first Saturday in December.


Cincy getting that UH basketball treatment. Everyone brings their A game and plays like they have nothing to lose. A lot of the time it doesn’t even feel like cincy is playing bad, just the other team is playing out of their minds. That’s how UH dropped a loss to ECU and Tulsa


Good point.

This is a weird conference. The bad teams struggle out of conference but play the good teams in conference lights out. And historically its always been that way. Every team in our conference has a Jekyll and Hyde.

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Our league is better than what it gets credit for.

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I find that winning out in conference is really tough. Good teams drop games to in-conference opponents that, on paper, should be an easy win. Case in point: Michigan State dropping one to unranked Purdue this past weekend. For UH, 2015 UConn still has me scratching my head.

It is no small feet for CDH to keep this team focused over the next few games, despite the fact that we should be favored.

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I just think our conference teams have more dramatic upsides and downsides. In our conference the 1-3 teams can “Temple” a half on any given day.

Conference play has always been a big motivator for all teams.

It gives you the opportunity to earn a nice trophy and get a nice Bowl Game. And can help with recruiting.

“We beat the conference champ” has a better ring to it than “last September we beat so-and-so”.

Now if we could only average 40K in attendance instead of 25K that would be great.

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Tulane almost beat OU and Tulsa almost be OSU. I really just think people way underestimate the American. So glad we going to big 12 where we can lose and it doesn’t matter hahah

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