Away Game Tickets?

Has anyone received their tickets bought through UH? Or have they not gone out?

Not out yet. Texas State will mail this week. Navy in two weeks per my ticket office contact.

Thanks. Don’t always trust my mail delivery.

Still waiting on mine, but I only have tickets to Texas State and SMU. Also wondering when game times will be for those so I can make hotel arrangements and all that.

I purchased my tickets directly from Texas State and the ticket is showing 6:00 PM. However this can change due to television scheduling. As far as hotel arrangements in San Marcos I wouldn’t wait much longer. I know another COOG fan who is staying about a half mile from the stadium in a lower cost hotel to be able to walk to the game. One of my tail gate buds is staying in San Antonio as I think he said the Courtyard in San Marcos jacked their prices for the weekend of our game.

Thanks! Yeah, I saw 6 p.m. too. Asked the team’s official Twitter account and they said times will be announced about 12 days before the game, but I was trying to get an inside scoop. I’m actually all set for San Marcos, but still need to make hotel arrangements in Dallas. Just wondering if I’m going to stay the night before or the night of.

I emailed them yesterday about my Texas St. tickets, they said they would go out today.

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