Away games, who’s going where?

I’m going to Rice, Tulsa, and Tulane. I haven’t decided on where I’m staying for the Tulsa game, but since my bride is going with me to the Tulane game, we will be at the Marriott on Canal St. where we’ve stayed for Tulane games in the past.

For Tulsa, in the past I’ve stayed in Paul’s Valley in order to get a jump on heading back the next day. But I’m not sure I want to this year. Who’s staying in Tulsa?

Rice and UC.

But should we even consider Rice as away game?

South Florida

Tulane and South Florida…

Temple and UCONN… I live in NC so not too bad of a drive.

Rice, Tulsa, Tulane, and 50/50 on Temple.

Rice and Tulane if restrictions in NOLA are relaxed by October.

My wife and I have a reservation at the same hotel in New Orleans.

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I should hope so.


Do you ride the street car to the stadium in NO?

That’s subtle Larry, you slipped that right in.

I have ridden the streetcar and I have also parked on the street. The problem with the streetcar was it took a while waiting for it because a whole lot of folks do the same.

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Last time I was on a streetcar, I was riding with my wife and two friends. A couple of young guys got into an altercation with a homeless woman at the back of the streetcar and then someone yelled “He’s got a gun!” Being at the front, my group was able to get off quickly, right underneath the freeway, which is a place you really don’t want to be walking around. The other girl in our group fumbled her wallet getting off, which of course disappeared when we able to get back on to check. Though this was a one time experience in the 15 years I’ve been going to New Orleans, my wife has crossed the streetcar of our list of transportation methods.

Tulane is always a good trip especially adding a day or two to enjoy some of the great restaurants they have in Nola.


I’m crazy busy with work…I’ll probably make the Tech game (yes that’s an away game in my book) and Rice. I will miss a few home games this year too, boo!

Edit: and this is my first season in a long time not having extra tickets to give away…I need to up my game if we get a PAC16 invite



(I have high hopes)

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Was the streetcar busy both directions? I thought maybe ride it from the French Quarter to Tulane and Uber back. Also, the area between the Garden District and French Quarter is always a place I avoid at night. I hope there some sort of get together after the game.