Away Tickets

There is some confusion out there on away games and which School benefits from the sale. I had confirmation from our ticket office.

Away ticket example:
Buy ticket from Stubhub - We do not benefit
Buy ticket from our ticket office - Money goes to us

Usually an allotment “price” is discussed between Schools when a contract to play each other is set. Then the visiting team can “resale” these tickets making a profit or break even. So I much prefer giving my money to our School than Stubhub.


So if financially benefits us and improves how others perceive us.

And for those of us who prefer sitting in seats where we can actually see the game, it’s Stubhub all day, every day. Different strokes.


I’m glad you got the clarification. I wonder if they discussed any sort of incentive for us to buy from our athletic department.

Once the allotment is sold out (i.e. UTSA and Arizona), Houston won’t receive any more benefit no matter where you purchase from.

There is a link on our website to purchase both UTSA and AZ tickets via their websites, so there may be some tracking and compensation that goes along with that for those of us that prefer to watch the game from a better vantage point.

There isn’t. Once they sell out, the biggest indicator of how many visitors but tickets is by seeing Red shirts in the stands. Kinda like the TxSt game.