AZ game and TV

Anyone know what station will the AZ Coog game be on


Station: TDECU 3100 Cullen Blvd 77004.


Michael Lev@MichaelJLev 37m
ESPN announcers for Arizona-Houston: Steve Levy, Todd McShay, Paul Carcaterra


The splits on these usually get published pretty early in the week.

That’s a big boy announcing team, they did the Washington-Auburn game this weekend.

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Glad we are not getting the UCLA game announcers. I found out more about UCLA and almost NOTHING about Cincinnati . . . . . I almost feel like I know Chip Kelly’s wife personally . . . . . too much yabba yabba for UCLA . . . . .

Well it is a big game.

Dish Game Finder for small town south of Houston says: espn2 “Arizona at Houston; or Georgia Tech at Sout”

…which given history means it will be blacked out here and we get GT… smh

ABC everywhere

Come to the game

I’ll be watching from a dry seat in my living room but thanks.

Game will be blacked out in Houston according to anonymous sources.

If it’s blacked out it would still be available on ESPN3.

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Where did you see it will be blacked out? It’ll be on ABC and/or ESPN2.

Where do you come up with these statements. Has to be one of the young ones on here that drive me bonkers. You can’t just post something for heck of it. You can black out the game if you want, others who can’t attend will be able to watch on ABC in this region and Az region. Other regions across the U.S. will get it on ABC or ESPN2. That’s how it works to get the most viewing audience and ratings possible. Whewww, taking deep breath. #Homework

College games aren’t blacked out in local markets…that only happens in the NFL.

Game will be on ABC in Houston.


I wonder what this means: ESPN lists our game as ABC/ESPN2. Georgia tech/USF is listed as ABC/ESPN2. Both at noon. East coast sched. I’m confused.
Doesn’t really matter, honestly. I have both. But still, just tell us what’s up.

Some parts of the country (Houston for example) will get our game on ABC and USF game on ESPN2. The other parts of our country (Tampa for example) will get USF on ABC and our game in ESPN2.