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Articles from Expansion hopeful locations:

Big 12 to evaluate interested schools
Board of commissioners unanimously agrees to examine universities like Colorado State

Colorado State is widely considered to be one of the candidates if the 10-team conference does eventually decide to expand. In May, ESPN.com reported that CSU president Tony Frank has been in contact with a member of the Big 12 composition committee, dating all the way back to last summer.

Brad Rock: What BYU needs to nail down Big 12 invitation

As old-fashioned as it sounds, dominating on the field is still a great way to impress. Fan base, history, Sunday play, etc. have been hashed out for years. What hasn’t been answered is how BYU would do with a power conference schedule.

Now it has one.

Tom Holmoe says BYU ‘excited’ that Big 12 will explore the possibility of expanding

“… One of the things I like about pursuing this is just the fact I want our players, not just in football but in all of our sports, to play at the highest level. In college football, that’s what it’s all about is playing at that level. We’re imitating a P5 schedule right now and being in a conference like that, but it would be a great thing for BYU football to get there.”

Big 12 moves toward expansion as USF hopes for spot

Based on the criteria stated Tuesday by Boren, USF’s odds appear viable.

USF currently resides in the nation’s 11th-largest media market, according to Nielsen. Academically, it recently earned a major accolade — not to mention $5 million from the state — when it was awarded “emerging preeminence” status by the Florida Board of Governors Strategic Planning Committee.

It also ranks 25th nationally among public universities — 41st when counting private universities — in research dollars, according to the National Science Foundation.

On the downside, the Bulls are coming off their first winning season in a half-decade, and their average announced attendance for six home football games in 2015 (26,578) ranked ninth in the American Athletic Conference. Kansas, which had the Big 12’s worst attendance last season, drew an average of 27,282.

Surprise! Big 12 takes sudden step toward expansion

Big 12 decision means moment of truth for Memphis

That sounds almost like he’s encouraging an unseemly bidding war, doesn’t he? FedEx has a history of winning those.

How did Smith put it in his letter to Big 12 administrators earlier this year?

“We have researched college conference sponsorships and are prepared to become a major Big 12 sponsor of football and basketball,” he wrote.

Big 12 Votes To Pursue Expansion; UConn Expected To Make Pitch To Power Five Conference

With 15 national championships in women’s and men’s basketball and a close proximity to the New York market — not to mention a large alumni base in New York and Boston — UConn has lots to offer. Oklahoma President David Boren, speaking on a media teleconference, cited fan base, TV following, academics, reputation and values, and athletics when ask what the conference is seeking.

If they take 4 teams that intrude into other conferences’ footprints, you can bet one of those conferences is going to come scoop us up to get into this market.

And the back-end of Big12 expansion, what will be the fallout for leagues like the MWC, AAC, etc:

Big 12 expansion talk is on again, and could impact Mountain West

The Mountain West was able to keep Boise State and San Diego State from bolting for the Big East in 2013 by offering an incentive through television revenue that would not be split equally across all schools. But fending off the Big East is not the same as battling the Power Five.

What would Big 12 expansion mean for AAC, C-USA, Southern Miss?
The Big 12 appears set to expand by possibly 2-4 members
The AAC is likely to take a major blow if Big 12 does move
Southern Miss could be serious AAC candidate if it loses 3 or more members

The AAC’s best options if it needs to reload are: Old Dominion, Southern Miss, Texas-San Antonio, Rice, Marshall, UMass and Florida Atlantic.

If UH is left behind, I vote Southern Miss, UTSA and Rice but it will be disappointing and it won’t matter which are added.

Heard this before. Really starting to believe it’s The Kansas schools, Iowa State and WV keeping us out.

Big 12 Conference likely to expand, Houston among candidates



Richard Justice loving on the Coogs

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Kirk Bohls

Bohls: How about this Final Four for Big 12 expansion?

So which schools join the Big 12? This could change, but my initial preferencere would be to invite Houston, BYU, Cincinnati and UConn

Why are northern schools opposed? Distance and not wanting Texas to be too powerful?

My guess is they feel that Texas is already owned by too many schools and that they have no chance at recruiting in Houston or Texas. They want access to new recruiting territories instead.

It’s why areas like Memphis, Cincy, and Florida would be appealing to those schools as some of them already recruit there (West Virginia in Florida) while others feel they’d be able to compete better without competing against other Big12 schools. Its also the reason why BYU and UCONN are probably unrealistic as they don’t really offer valuable recruiting estate.

If the Big12 goes to 4, the northern schools would probably relent and allow Houston in, but my guess is that the other 3 would be Cincy, Memphis, and 1 of the other Florida schools. I don’t see a scenario where 2 schools are admitted as I don’t believe the northern schools would relent on Houston and there’s too much political pressure on the Texas schools not to add Houston (prior to the June meetings, UT’s stance was that Houston would be the only school they would support).

Chuck Carlton

and Tim Cowlishaw (Even the Dallas guys are starting to come around on Houston…hmmm…):

So give me Houston, Cincinnati, Memphis and Central Florida and let’s move into the future. If you want to offer up reasons for one or two substitutions, I’m willing to listen. But really you should be passing these thoughts along to Bowlsby.

And the worrisome angle of all of this: are UT/OU preparing to bolt when the GOR is up and just trying to grab as much money now.

How low will some Group of Five schools go to win a Big 12 expansion invite?
With the Big 12 opening its expansion doors, it will likely have to fend off a stampede of Group of Five schools hoping for one last shot at major-conference glory

More statements from other Universities lobbying to get in:

And documentation of lobbying behind the scenes:

Documents show Big 12 expansion candidates vying for attention

Tim Brando with a take:

Article from ESPN 97.5 Houston on why the Big 12 should choose Houston:

Why University of Houston is Perfect for the Big 12 Expansion

UT’s view on expansion ‘less skeptical’ than before
13-year clause proof Texas also may give ground on expansion
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UT sources indicated Wednesday that while administrators didn’t undergo a change of heart about expansion this week, they went from “open and skeptical” to “open and less skeptical.” For those pushing for expansion, that might be enough.

And the Ranking of candidates articles:

Big 12 expansion: Ranking the candidates, why Texas probably changed its mind
Texas ultimately had to vote ‘yes’ on expansion, which is interesting considering it was staunchly against it
Dennis Dodd

Houston comes in 3rd behind BYU and UCONN

Ranking the Big 12 Expansion Candidates

Houston comes in 3rd behind Cincy and BYU

A definitive, realistic, blunt and sure-to-enrage ranking of the Big 12 expansion candidates

Houston comes in 3rd behind BYU and Cincy

Big 12 Expansion: The Four Schools Should Be …

Houston basically comes in 3rd behind USF and UCF with the 4th being Cincy

AAC remains focused despite Big 12 expansion news

In spite of all the distractions that come with the Big 12’s decision, Aresco believes that having schools from the American mentioned as possible expansion candidates just shows how strong the league has become.

“This also shows that we’re worthy of being a Power 6 and this further proves that.”

I disagree … when push comes to shove …

If these rumors that OU/UT will bolt someday then the remaining teams will want some muscle left in the conference to stay a P5 …

BYU Memphis and UCF are wavering now in down years … surprisingly USF is in an up year but no one wants them … only UCF

With the recent positive articles UH has gotten from prominent sports writers they are an up and coming power and will provide the strength the Big12 will need should OU/UT bolt someday.

I suspect also that four teams will be chosen not just two … again to insure that the conference remains at 12 should the horns and sooners bolt.

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