B12 Memo

Ironic that ESPN is reporting this:

Basically this memo spells out the reality behind the manure the conference was shoveling. Its a classic CYA memo.

This is flat out hilarious. I hope stuff like this keeps coming out and embarrassing this conference to no end. And I really hope that if they make it to the end of the GOR and start checking out the landscape, no one wants to join them.

Also, did you see this article from Iowa State’s AD??? http://247sports.com/Bolt/Iowa-State-AD-Without-Texas-Oklahoma-Big-12-is-Mountain-West-48346796

After admitting the Big XII would essentially be the Mountain West without UT and OU, this guy actually makes the following quote:

“We’ve got two star players, whether people want to like that or not, Texas and Oklahoma. I’m glad to be on a team that’s got two great players. We benefit from being on that team. We could go play on a team and be the star, but then people would be saying ‘how do you get us in one of those Power Five conferences Mr. AD?’”

It’s pretty cute that he thinks Iowa State could be a star in a G5 conference. Given their knack for losing to FCS schools, I’m not sure they could be a star in C-USA.


When you live inside a bubble for as long as these guys have you lise touch with reality. Outside the Big 12 and the cover provided bu UT and OU, Iowa State would be on par with Wyoming. No offense to Wyoming. Reality is UH already stands on its own 2 feet and in a P5 conference we would quickly become one of the 3 or 4 “power” programs. Which is why weeny programs like Iowa State fear - yes, fear - us.

ISU might compete for the C-USA crown…not AAC or MWC but at least he is realistic about his program’s P5 worthiness.

Here’s some other choice tidbits from the ISU AD. Guess he didn’t get the memo:

Wonder if the TV networks will use this against them in future negotiations.

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