B1G parents plan to visit B1G HQ to address Commish directly

I hope that the press films every minute of the confrontation!


They should visit their own presidents first since they are the ones that made that decision. Find out from them what was discussed in the meeting.

The commissioner doesn’t have any power and doesn’t vote.


But I’d be willing to bet that the Commissioner’s advice and viewpoint probably played a pretty significant role in influencing that vote, that is to say, IF said vote actually happened, and if it did, if it was truly a 12-2 vote (as opposed to 8-6).

If any of the latter allegations against the B1G are true, then the Commish definitely needs to answer for them.


If the gentleman arrives for a meeting without a mask I would hope that the office would offer him a disposable one before anyone meets with him.

I would love to see the optics of the Commissioner wearing a mask, the parents wearing a mask talking about the safety of the game.


I am guessing lawyers had a fairly big role to in their advising too.


Doesn’t help word has gotten out that the commissioner’s son is preparing to play at Mississippi State


Yes, I mentioned that on another thread. Why is it ok for his son to play in the SEC, but his own conference is unsafe?

The commissioner is an employee of the schools that comprise the conference. He didn’t make this decision.

And he has even less power to control what the SEC does.

Sorry, but this isn’t hard.


And it’s all unsafe! I’m not sure why that’s not clicking for some people. God help us.

They are clearly not happy.

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They are not yet worthy of the faith.

Denial. Followed by Anger. Followed by Bargaining…classic Kubler-Ross reaction for the football fan board.

Hey, if we can get our country down to European case levels, positivity test rate < 3% , and a clearer
understanding of long term consequences for kids after doing medical studies on them, I’m all for teeing it up.

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B1G is going to cave and play the season. They went from a 12-2 vote to cancel to a 12-2 vote to delay to 8-6 vote to delay to there was no actual vote. They are backtracking almost daily. Do people really believe the B1G is going to sit on the sidelines while the Big 12, SEC and ACC play? B1G tried and failed to force college football to go their way. They have major egg on their face and will likely announce they will play inside of a week. The question is, what will the PAC 12 do? That conference is dying as a P5 and this could be the nail in the coffin.

MSU just went to virtual teaching and encouraged students to stay at home.

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That MSU move actually makes it safer for football to play if they aren’t going to put them in a bubble.

Every day the B1G has another twist or turn which gives off the perception that they don’t know what they are doing.


The bottom line is that they have cancelled the fall season with no commitment to the spring. That is what the issue is among players, coaches, and parents. They naturally want to play; it is what they do.

In my mind, it is not that they cancelled the fall season, but it is how they went about it. They claim they relied upon all the best medical expertise, but then they get called out from a University of Michigan heart doctor that the data analysis they used was faulty. Then the Commish threatens a member school when other member schools echoed the same plans to play outside of conference. They leaked the vote that the total was 12-2, then corrected that it was really 8 to 6 and words of high degree of politics being applied in that decision. Then school after school of parents write protests letters and hundreds of thousands of signatures support the players and there is no response from the conference. It has just been a total FUBAR.

Unless these guys get heavily vindicated by the failure of the fall season and revamp to the spring with all conferences and a championship, some people need to lose their jobs when all is said and done.

Besides the cluster of significant communication errors and sloppiness, my biggest issue is that they appeared not to have even tried. I am convinced they made this call months ago and they weren’t really interested in doing the work to try and make it happen and then when they decide to cancel the fall, they don’t even have a plan for the spring.

If the SEC, Big 12, ACC, AAC, and WAC and others decide to cancel this fall in a few weeks, I bet they have at least a high-level plan for the spring that they can immediately point too.

Dang, not what I wanted to read.

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I wouldn’t worry about that. So many universities at a minimum have gone to a hybrid model with students on campus with the option to stay at home for online also. I just got back from taking my daughter to school. Half of her classes were originally scheduled for online and the other half were face-to-face. As soon as she got there all of her classes were moved to online by the professors.

The online vs in class room shouldn’t impact sports. What will impact sports is the infection rates of athletes and coaches.

The biggest issue on campuses are all the college parties and social events and if they don’t wear those mask and social distant in large masses, the infection rate would go way up.