Bachelors Party v Memphis

Hey Cougar Nation,

I am a 13’ Grad in Exercise Science and am getting married 11/20 and am super excited.

I am looking for 4-6 tickets for 11/19 v Memphis. Preferably face value or best deal that could be offered. I love my Houston cougars and would be a great experience before marriage.

If anyone could help out that isn’t going. Tickets after fees for good tickets and they are always high.

Thank you all.

Whooooose House?!

I have 4 tickets. PM me


What’s a thirteen foot grad?


Only fools get married during college football or basketball season. I am living proof. Nothing but conflicts in your future. You can’t win.


the real question is…wheres the afterparty OP? (*looks at ad banner above OPs post)

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I also have 2 tickets and a parking pass and can’t make it to the game. Available for free to anyone that’s interested.


PBR is correct, there’s no excuse for getting married during football or basketball season. Expect nothing but trouble forever. Weddings are a summer for thing, think June.

Lots of tickets for sale from UH ticket office at face value ($20+$2). Buy those general admission and sit pretty much where you want.

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