Back To Brazil

Anything happening there the last week?

Ron Filipkowski :ukraine: on Twitter: “Former Trump Senior Advisor Jason Miller is currently being detained at the airport in Brazil, by order of the Supreme Court, for allegedly engaging in “undemocratic activities” while in that country.” / Twitter

He was subsequently released and free to return to the US.

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All I see is Brazil is a bunch of people that can’t accept losing, much like we saw here on 1/6. In fact, my guess is this was very much a 1/6 copycat.

These people want their guy to stay in power, win or lose.

Politicians like Trump and Bolsonaro both fire up/gaslight extremists of the kind we saw on Jan. 6th in the USA…and now in Brazil.

That’s why they are so dangerous and undesirable.

Fortunately, politicians of that type also seem to have a hard time getting legitimately re-elected.

I only wish they would go away altogether.

Their fanatically loyal followers seem to prevent that from happening, sadly enough.


Convenient, as Brazil may request Bolsonaro be extradited. We are about to see a request for compassionate asylum.

Bolsonaro has been hospitalized, according to his wife | CNN

Hey! Maybe he likes the weather in Florida. Or the fact he’s unlikely to be extradited?

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“Enjoy being a tourist.” :laughing: